Shakespeare – The Manga Edition

Shakespeare The Manga Edition

I fancy myself an avid reader, but I’m hardly “literate.” I generally read magazines and text books but rarely do I sit down and attempt to read something like Shakespeare for fun.  I need it dumbed down and get rid of all thos, thous, etc. Speak English man! Maybe CliffNotes new series of Manga inspired Shakes is what I need. From what I’ve seen the art looks beautiful. I’m in the process of setting up an interview with the author of the books and will be reading them in the next few days. In the meantime check out the press release. I’m actually looking forward to getting these in my grubby little hands. Throwing on a Beret, sip some Expresso and read these. I’ll be part of the literati in no time.

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The classics have never looked so good!

Dreams and schemes!  Alliances and betrayals! Murder and mayhem!  Passions and poisons!  Shakespeare has it all, and now you can experience the action and appreciate the intrigue in Shakespeare– The Manga Edition!

From the experts at CliffsNotes® ( comes a new reference series that takes reading and learning to another level: The Manga Edition. Manga is a Japanese graphic novel, characterized by highly stylized art, which has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.
Kicking off this new series with adaptations of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, reading the classics is more fun than ever before!  All of these books combine the classic art form of Manga and Shakespeare’s literature, and feature an introduction to set the stage so you’re engrossed from the first page.  Learn more about this fast-paced and exciting series at
Inked by talented Manga artists, The Manga Edition books convert well-known classics into full-throttle, graphic novels, with panel after panel of compelling action. Each book begins with a four-page essay summarizing the play, and tying the Manga and the literature together. Followed by the Manga itself, the classics virtually come to life on the page, each scene lain out with highly detailed and exciting illustrations, and complemented by Shakespeare’s own words.

With Shakespeare’s unforgettable characters, outsized passions, ferocious action and supernatural visitations, his works are a perfect fit for the drama of Manga. The new books in Shakespeare–The Manga Edition series are sure to appeal to Shakespeare students, teachers and Manga lovers alike!