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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.  Everyone here knows of my Christmas holiday obsession with playing COD Multi-player for hours on end, to the exclusion of all else. I finally broke free last month and started playing some other titles, especially my Wii was lonely. So I started playing Super Mario Galaxy and recently Smash Brothers.  As a lark – actually because I was tired of COD 4 multi-player I thought I’d try out the single player campaign. Which believe it or not, I hadn’t tried yet. Last week, I fell in love all over again, the single player mode is just as brilliant as the Multi-player. The campaign is just the right length and intense enough to keep you coming back for more. There were so many wholly f moments that I felt like I was playing that perfect action/war movie. It had it all. Once I finished it, I was ready to move back over to my Wii or take Vegas 2 or Condemned for a spin, but frankly COD 4 tired me out. I’m tired of shooters and am ready for something else.  But then Activision announced the release of Call of Duty 4 – The Game of The Year Addition and 4 all new maps!  If you purchase the new game, they supply a token that you go onto their website to redeem your maps. Activision was cool enough to give me a token to use, but I got so frustrated with the stupid system, that I was like, hell, I’d rather just buy the new maps then deal with this. So I spent my 800 points to get them. This is the first time, that I’ve spent my own money on game DLC. I don’t know what they were thinking releasing the game before they could include the new maps anyway. 

The new maps are pretty stellar and exclusively available for Xbox 360 for the next 21 days, the map pack includes “Broadcast,” which features tight corridors and wide open parking lots where large groups utilize close-quarter fighting and strategic maneuvers; “Chinatown” where night battles well lit by the full moon play havoc against a backdrop of brightly colored lamps, antique shops and neon signs of the local district; “Killhouse,” a desolate warehouse under enemy attack where squads will need to move through building mock-ups and plywood walls in order to full take control of the combat arena; and “Creek,” A large wide open village in a heavily wooded area where battles are fought between high ridgelines and deep in underground caves.  The only problem is Infinity Ward has the maps on lock down.  So you can only play against people who already have the maps.  I’m sure this will change in the next few months.