asteroid to hit earth in the year 2019

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to quote rem:
it’s the end of the world as we know it….

The Truth about Everything Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The next morning, an invitation arrived by royal courier requesting the ladies’ presence at a small picnic on the banks of the river. Louise, Nicole’s servant, prepared some lovely pastries for the women to bring with them. They were to the gentlemen there at the stroke of eleven.

“You should explain to them who you really are,� Louise said. “It’s not like you to disguise yourself in this way.�

“This was not my idea,� Nicole said, shaking her head. “This was Marie’s.

Louise shook her head. “I don’t care whose idea this was, Nicole. It is very dangerous to pose as the King’s betrothed. This is a grand time to explain it to Marie before it is too late.�

“What about Auguste?� she asked. “Do you really love him?�

“Of course I do, Louise. He means everything to me. I do not want to run the risk of losing him.�

“Then tell him the truth and let him hear it from you.� She heard the chapel bells from the castle ring out ten times.

“Now go, child, it will take you twenty minutes to walk there.�

We’ll be alright, Louise,� she said kissing her cheek. “All will be well, do not fret so.�

Louise nodded and smacked her behind. “Go child, and don’t forget what I told you.�


“The two of them will be waiting,� Auguste said, bringing the reply into the library.

“Do you think we should let on that we know who they are?�

Francis thought a moment. “No, let’s not. I couldn’t bring myself to do it last night.�

“And I couldn’t either,� Auguste answered. “Francis, I hope I am not in love with your intended.�

“I don’t believe you are, monsieur,� he smiled and clapped him on the back. The bells chimed ten.

“Come along, there is work to be done.�

The Truth about Everything Chapter 9

Chapter 9

They stood staring at each other, no one saying anything and no one moving a muscle.

Somehow, they were moving closer and that somehow their lips met. They began to kiss.

Nicole pulled away and backed up.

“Marie?� Auguste asked, a little concerned. “Are you sure you’re alright?�

“I am fine, Captain,� she said, a little angrily. She turned away from him.

“You know that I love you, Marie.� Auguste said, walking up to her. “From the first second I saw you standing in the garden this morning with the future…�

He stopped when he saw Nicole looking at him. She ignored his slip, this time. “This has to stop, Auguste,� she said, “I cannot possibly marry you when I am engaged to another.�

Auguste looked at her. “That’s true, you know. Not in broad daylight, anyway, and I still have my reputation to uphold.�

Nicole looked at him, she was falling in love with him as well. She didn’t think that it was possible, he wasn’t anyone that she had ever dreamed of marrying. Besides, didn’t her parents have her betrothed to someone as well? They had told her, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember.


She wasn’t giving him up, she couldn’t stop seeing him just like that. She moved closer toward him.

“We could still see each other at night,� she said, moving closer still. “Just until I make up my mind how to..�

But his lips stopped her. She pulled away again.

“Did you hear what I said?�

“Yes,� he whispered and pulled her into his arms. “If you want to meet at night, I will. Anything to avoid a confrontation with the future King of France.�

He pulled her closer and kissed her for the third time.

She didn’t pull away. Not this time.

The Truth about Everything Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Nicole walked around the ruins at Amboise. This was her favorite spot when she wanted to be alone. It was quiet and secluded and no one came after her.

This time she was tired and sick of all this deception. She had given it to Marie before she ran out of the manor crying. She felt a little better now, sitting on the hill, looking across at the rooftops of France. Nicole told Marie that if she didn’t tell them the truth, that she would and that she would do it tonight.

But she had come here instead, maybe she would do it in the morning.


Auguste de Barbarac reached his destination and jumped off his horse. He couldn’t go to the manor now. It was late and the girls were alone. Nicole’s parent’s had disappeared for the week, going off to visit relatives in the town of St. Etienne’s, not too far from Hautefort.

He wanted to keep his reputation intact. Besides, his men needed someone to look up to. Auguste was going to the pillar of virtue, the fighter of truth and justice.

Well, sort of. He had to live up to that name himself.

He looked around. So this was the famous ruins of Amboise. He couldn’t stop talking about it how beautiful it was as a boy. Now it was just burnt rubble. He was trying to imagine what it looked like when he heard someone in back of him. He turned and to his surprise and delight, Nicole was standing there.

Or was it Marie?

“Marie,� he said careful not to let on, “what are you doing here?�

“I was just about to ask that same question of you, milord,� she said.

Auguste smiled. “I had heard so much about this place, I just wanted to see it for myself.�

“At ten in the evening?�

Auguste laughed. “And why is a young betrothed woman doing out here, alone I might add?�

Nicole shook her head. “I had to get away, Auguste. I couldn’t stand it another moment longer.�

“May I ask why?�

Well, why not? Nicole thought, I should tell him, shouldn’t I?

But the words wouldn’t come.

Meanwhile, Francis decided to look for Auguste. He stopped the manor and went to the front door of the manor. He knocked on the door, but no one answered. He knocked again, and when no one answered, let himself in.

“Marie, Nicole?� he called to the empty rooms. “Where are you? It’s only me Prince Francis.�

With no one answering, he walked to the back of house and out the back door.

That’s when he saw her, sitting in the garden in the moonlight. He had been wrong about Nicole. This was the woman who was meant for him. His parents were right to make an arrangement with this lovely woman.

He started to take a step forward, but he slipped and fell, causing a lot of strange little distractions to occur.

When Marie turned around however, he was long gone. He had disappeared as quickly as he had come.

He would look in her lovely eyes once more. He promised himself he would not forget.

The Truth about Everything Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“What about Marie and Nicole?� Auguste asked.

“Just that they aren’t who they seem to be.�

“And how do you know that?�

“Well,� Francis said, “it was something that the courier noticed when I asked him to deliver that note. He said that the one he delivered it to was called Marie, but yet, he heard her say that she had to go see Marie about something and said she’d return shortly.�

Auguste smiled slightly. He didn’t want Francis to see. “That would be Nicole, would it not?�

“Yes, Auguste, I believe it would. She’s the one with the auburn hair.�

“And Marie’s is slightly darker.�

“Yes, yes,� Francis nodded. “Nicole is the better looking of the two. And I am supposed to marry Marie next year.�

Auguste smiled. This was getting better and better. He had developed a liking for Nicole or Marie or whatever her name was and didn’t want to lose her. Not to Francis anyway.

“When would you like me to start this assignment, milord?� Auguste was smirking again, but Francis would have none of it.

“Whenever you see fit, Auguste. I would suggest tomorrow morning.�

“Do you want me to mention that you know who they really are?�

Francis stood up quickly. “No, man. Do not be foolish. Do not let on that you know. Besides,� he said smiling, “I’m not sure myself. That’s why you are going on this lovely assignment.�

“Will you be joining me anytime soon, Your Highness?�

Francis was getting angrier. “Of course, you troublemaker, as soon as I am able. Why, you know what I have to go through here? You know what a taskmaster my father is at times. You know that I can…

Francis stopped when he saw the smile on Auguste’s face. He smiled back. “Alright,� he conceded, “maybe I do take this stuff to seriously.�

“Someday,� Auguste said, scolding him playfully, “you will have that stroke that everyone talks about…�

“Get out of here, you fool,� Francis laughed as he pushed Auguste out of the room. “And don’t return until you have some answers for me.�

“Will do, my Prince,� he said, letting Francis pushed him out of the room.

The Truth about Everything Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“I need your help, Marie,� Nicole said, pushing the door open. “The Prince has written back. He’s talking about some kind of well in Avignon.�

“The well?� Marie said looking up from her book. Just then, she closed it. She hadn’t been reading it anyway. “Let me look at it, please,� she said, holding out her hand.

Nicole shook her head. “No, Marie, you began this, you must end it. Besides, the first two were answered in my handwriting and I must continue to do the same.�

She changed the subject.

“Just tell me about the well.�

Marie laughed. “The community well that the Prince almost fell into when he was eight years of age?�

“Fell into?�

Marie shook her had. “I said almost, Nicole. You see, Francis was a little imp and used to get into lots of trouble. In this instance, he was given hell for running around like a commoner in the middle of the street.�

“Well,� Nicole asked, “What happened?�

Marie shook her head and tried not to laugh.

“He was leaning over the side calling into it listening for his echo. A bunch of us children did that, including me. We had no idea it was the Prince until one the Guards came to fetch him.�

Nicole smiled. “Come on, the courier’s waiting to deliver this message to the King.�

Marie nodded. “Just write what I told you and come back here. I need to talk to you.�


“You sent for me, milord?� Captain Auguste asked as he leaned on one knee, his hand over his heart.

Prince Francis looked at him strangely and with a little grin. “What’s with the formalities, all of a sudden, CAPTAIN?� Francis said, smiling. “Besides, I need to speak with you on an urgent matter.�

Auguste sat in one of the corner chairs. This was a chair with four legs, but made in an odd way, a sort of triangle shape. It was made for soldiers so that when they carried a sword, they wouldn’t have to remove it from their belt.

“URGENT?� Auguste said, smiling, “Francis, what could possibly be so “urgent?�

Francis smiled. “Well, for one thing, I need a favor from you. I need you to do a little spying, if you know what I mean?�

Auguste narrowed his brows. “What are you talking about?�

“Marie and Nicole, that’s what I am talking about.�

The Truth about Everything Chapters 4 & 5

Chapter 4

That night, however, both of them did not return. Nicole had been expecting Auguste to drop by with a small note from Prince Francis, but Auguste had sent it along with one of the pages instead.

My dear Marie, the note began, I have some urgent business to attend to and will not be able to fulfill the promise I had proposed earlier. Please forgive me. I would very much like to see you, but time grows short for my coronation and I must practice. I have sent word with Captain Auguste. He will be able to take care of you and answer any questions that you may have of me.�

At least Francis had signed it, Nicole thought, but there was no Auguste de Barbarac to go with it and she was so looking forward to seeing him again. She angrily ripped it to shreds, then set down to compose a reply.


Sorry that you could not make it. I was looking forward to seeing you and getting to know my future husband better. I know that we have a lot in common, growing up in the same province. I believe that we also have the same interests.

When might I be able to see you and speak with you and your Captain again? I especially look forward to your visit. I think that Nicole might have quite an interest in Captain Auguste

In anticipation of your visit, I await your answer.

She had signed it with Marie’s name.

She didn’t want to think about the deception, but she wondered how long this was to continue. She stood up and handed the answer to the waiting page. He bowed, walked from the door and jumped on his horse and made for the castle.

She closed the door and headed for the library where she knew Marie would be.


Marie sat in the library, unable to read. All she could do was think about what a big mistake she had made. How could she even have considered doing such a stupid thing?

Both men had fallen for Nicole. They fawned all over her calling Nicole by her name.

“Could we do this for you, Marie? Could we do that? Would you like something to drink, something to eat?�

It went on and on like that all day. Auguste and Francis paid hardly any attention to her.

She was now sitting by herself furious at the deception she created. She really had to do something and quickly.

Most of all she had to stop thinking about this. But she couldn’t. She remembered everything that happened.

Chapter 5

The Prince and the Captain began their visit by competing for the charms of Nicole/Marie.

Marie sat on her own, watching this display. At first, she thought it was cute and funny at the same time. Now she was getting sick and tired of it. Forty-five minutes and she had become bored. So she walked away and sat on her own. No one was paying attention to her anyway.

“Excuse me, Nicole,� Francis said, “but I have just noticed that you are off by yourself. Perhaps you would care to take a walk with me?�

Marie/Nicole jumped and turned around. “I had no idea anyone was there,� she answered smiling at him. She looked at him. “Of course, Your Highness,� she said, “I would love to accompany you.�

The Prince grinned. “Very well, milady,â€Â? he said, placing his arm on his hip. Marie/Nicole slipped her hand into it. “We have a lot to talk about. I would really like to get to know you better.”

They walked up the path arm in arm.

But all he wanted to talk about was Nicole/Marie. What kinds of things did she like? What did she think of him? How pretty she was, how her red hair shone brightly in the sunlight.

On and on the questions went until Marie was sick of them. She would have said something to him, but she thought better of it.

Now she was sitting in the library. She had gone there to try to stop thinking about that afternoon. She looked for a book to take her mind off what had happened. When she finally found the right one, she sat down at the table and began to read. She got through ten pages before she put the book down, unable to read anymore.

“Marie,� a voice called out, breaking the stillness of the library. “I need to speak with you.�

The Truth about Everything Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Maybe we could go for a walk,� Francis said, walking over to Nicole/Marie. “I should really get to know my intended a little better.�

The real Marie du Bois stood in the back watching this nightmare unfold. Now two men wanted to get to know her. She had been afraid of this and would have to come up with something quick.

Only Nicole was quicker.

“Yes, that is a wonderful idea.� She turned to the Prince.

She curtsied. “If Your Highness permits, I would really like to get to the know the Captain a little better,� Nicole/Marie answered. “I would suggest that you walk with Nicole a little before we switch places. After all, we have the rest of our lives don’t we?�

Francis smiled and nodded his head. “Of course, my love, you are correct.� He bowed. “Now if you excuse me, I should like to make the acquaintance of another so lovely.�

He turned to Marie/Nicole and held his arm out. Marie took it and looked at his face. She couldn’t believe that she was falling for him already, this handsome redhead. Her son would look just like him, she vowed.

“Come along, then,� Marie/Nicole smiled at the Prince.

She would never forgive herself.


“What could you have possibly been thinking about?� Nicole asked.

“I just mixed us up, that’s all.� Marie said, laughing.

“Well, sooner or later you will have to unmix us,� Nicole said, getting angrier by the minute.

“What are you screeching about?� Marie said. “They both want you. If you hadn’t thought so quickly.�

“They weren’t listening to me, only to you. They are coming back tonight, aren’t they?�

“Yes, they are and we must find a way to explain this to them. Marie, we have to make this right. We can’t keep this up forever.�

“Don’t worry,� Marie said, looking at her. “I will take care of it tonight.�

Audimated Tellers

At your movie theathres, do you guys have audimated tellers. They are absolutley the best thing. You don’t have to wait in line. All you do is slide in your credit or debt card pick your movie and go. Although, it is really temepting to just buy kids tickets. It also makes me mad because they don’t have student prices on there so I have to buy senior tickets. These things are really great, but I bet the theathre loses money on them. But thats okay because they charge too much for popcorn…

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