Batman – Matrix Style

Although this is in no way confirmed, it has been rumoured before.Apparently, after the success of The Matrix the Wachowski brothers were offered the next Batman film – Year One. Not only that, but they were offered full creative control for the film, as well as the option to work on a Batman trilogy. However, the Wachowsi Brothers, despite being bit Batman fans decided to simply focus on the Matrix series.

One point from the article, is that apparently the Wachowski Brothers, and Joel Silver have been given $600 million for the remainder of the Matrix series, this includes Reloaded and Revolutions, the AniMatrix projects and the recently announced online Matrix game, which is apparently costing $45 million to make.

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Holly Cow,

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Superman Movie News

An interesting supposed plot point is rumored for the upcoming SUPERMAN movie with McG directing – one that was disparaged by DC Comics fans a few years ago. Updated!

PeopleNews had the word:

Anyone who has ever dreamed of seeing Brendan Fraser, in tights will be ecstatic to learn that the Mummy actor looks set to play Superman in the next movie about the superhero.

The film, which is as yet untitled, will feature the death of superman, who will then come back to life to defeat his arch-rival Lex Luthor. Several famous Hollywood actresses, including Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, have expressed interest in playing the journalist/love interest part of Lois Lane. Christopher Reeve played the Man of Steel in the three Superman films made in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


Mirko from Superhero Hype had this to say:

The death of Superman story was scrapped a long time ago, they have no idea what they’re talking about.
Still, potential casting is interesting for Lois.

Digital Projection

Has anyone else seen the digital projection of Star Wars at the Merrifield theater in Falls Church?

I saw it on Tuesday, the crispness is pretty amazing. I’d seen AOTC already, on saturday, and noticed as others have that almost the entire movie looked slightly out of focus on a regular projector. If you have any interest in the technology be sure to check it out, I think there are only about 25 theaters nationwide showing it on a digital projector. It really is impressive how much nicer it looks.

The thing I can’t figure out is why THAT theater snagged the digital equipment. It’s one of the worst theaters in the area and the last place I would have liked to see Star Wars. Old, kinda junky vinyl seats and mediocre sound. The equipment supposedly costs around $100,000 so the only think I can think of is that they had a pile of cash sitting around because they never improved the theaters in any other fashion.

If you decide to go make sure you see one of the digital screenings, I believe they only have it in one of the theaters. There are several other screens showing Star Wars but they’re just standard projections.

Frontier House on PBS

Did anyone watch this last night? What did you think… were they nuts or what? I thought the family with all the kids needed to go home… I don’t think they had any idea what they were getting them selves into and all they did was whine. I gathered these children had never been made to do so much as wash their own clothes or cut the grass… they had hired help to take care of everything and while the parents may have been trying to teach them a lesson… their stupidity was putting the whole group in danger…

The Believer

The Believer is comming to our area July 14th (I think). I had a chance to catch this movie at last year’s Virginia Film Festival. I urge everyone to see this movie. This is the kind of film that inspires other people to get into filmmaking. To start it’s a truely independant film. Bean used money he made from other scripts to finance this picture. It’s also a film that makes you think. You cannot watch this film without immediately getting into a discussion afterwards with complete strangers. It’s main focus is religion and how it can affect people. Great performances and an intelligent story. It’s the kind of movie that makes up for crap like Life as a House, The Majestic, Titanic, etc. See it if for no other reason than to support independant film.


I was going to reread what i have written of the story i started around the start of the year, and then start reposting it/finishing it. The problem is is that i do not remember the title. I can alway give it a new title, but if you remember the old one let me know….

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