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Hi guys just wanted to let you know that I’m cool had a great 4th of July we had a barbeque and we were out for like an 2 hours just burning up fireworks it was great! And this weekend we went up to Sequioa National park, it was great, I’m burned to a toast but I had fun with my fam!


This comedy is the story of a college sorority member (Christina Ricci) who starts a romance with a disabled young man. Filmed in 2000, it premiered at Sundance last January.
Rated R, it runs 113 min.

Shallow Hal

The Farrelly brothers’ latest comedy, “Shallow Hal,” actually doesn’t feel like a Farrelly brothers comedy at all. Gone is the vile toilet humor and immature bodily fluid jokes that powered the siblings’ “There’s Something About Mary” to blockbuster status. In its place is a more subdued, dare I say poignant romantic comedy that could just as easily have been directed by the generic likes of a Nora Ephron, if not for the film’s remarkably crass premise, which has Farrelly fingerprints all over it.

The movie stars “High Fidelity” scene-stealer Jack Black as Hal, who at the ripe old age of 12 received death-bed advice from his morphine-induced father to only date gorgeous young women. Hal agrees, though that particular outlook has seriously warped his social conscious by the time he’s reached his mid-30s. When trapped on an elevator with Tony Robbins, the self-help guru hypnotizes the misguided swinger so he’s only able to see a person’s inner beauty, not what’s on the surface. Robbins’ trance works too well, though, and Hal falls hard for the 300-plus pound Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), a woman he sees as a twig-thin beautiful blonde. “Hal” exemplifies the Farrellys uncharacteristically pulling on the reins, showing restraint when history tells us it could have been so much worse. And for that we have Paltrow to thank. Instead of shamelessly plunging to the expected depths, the actress actually raises the whole film up to her level, achieving (gasp!) true emotions of loneliness, dejection and remorse. Paltrow is so good at playing Rosemary, she actually reverses the film’s premise, perfectly personifying a fat girl trapped in a waifer-thin body. When getting out of a car, the petite star sways and teeters as if she were carting around an extra 200 pounds. And her delivery is so delicate, so sensitive, we believe she’s had to live her life with the stigma of being overweight, protective of her fragile ego and hesitant to trust anyone who isn’t insulting her. Too bad Paltrow didn’t realize that she was making a comedy, because the result is far more touching than humorous. It doesn’t help that the rest of the cast acts like they’re reading off of cue cards that aren’t being turned fast enough. Jokes fall flat like bricks in a fishbowl, and there are far too many patches of awkward silence and sputtered conversation that appears to have been improvised. The whole thing plods along as if it, and not Gwyneth, were wrapped in a fat suit. Paltrow’s performance alone is worth seeing, but the rest of the film can’t shed its dead weight and find the jokes buried beneath its goofy premise.Grade: C+THE EXTRASInstead of recycling jokes, the Farrellys have recycled features for the “Shallow Hal” DVD release. Two features that highlight the disc might have been seen before, especially if you tracked the film prior to its theatrical opening. The first, HBO’s “Being Shallow Hal,” is hosted by co-star Brooke Burns, while Comedy Central’s “Reel Comedy” segment features Paltrow, Black and more plugging the flick.Next up, Peter and Bobby sit down for a running commentary, which sounds an awful lot like an extended casting call. The Farrellys fill their scenes with friends and family, and spend a lot of time pointing everybody out. However, since they filmed “Hal” in my hometown of Charlotte, NC, I also took some pride hearing them single out good things about the location, the shoot, and the time they spent in the gorgeous Queen City. Cheap plug, now over.The “Hal” DVD also includes 11 deleted scenes, though only one, which takes place at a fraternity house and fills in the for bar scene in the finished film, seems worthy of keeping. It’s a great example of how scenes are shot with little or no background noise, and crowds at parties or in restaurants need to fake like they’re talking. It’s surreal. The disc rounds out with a Shelby Lynne music video (“Wall In Your Heart”), a short special effects featurette and assorted trailers.Grade: B+OVERALL GRADE: BSelfishly, I love seeing Charlotte on film. And in all honesty, I enjoyed “Hal” more on second viewing. It’s deeper than expected, and probably threw most audience members off. The extras are enjoyable, and the DVD makes a fine item in any library.By Sean O’ConnellJuly 9, 2002

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sorry i havent posted for a while but me teaching keeps me busy!
i have just read your story Susan and it is, as always, absolutely brilliant!:-D
Kristen, i’ll catch up with yours, ASAP! 😛

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Is This Fair?

My sister-in-law sent this to me.

Is this Fair? – This is interesting 😕 😕 😕
> > > > >
What’s a Military Family Worth?
by Rush Limbaugh, March 11, 2002
> > > > > >
I think the vast differences in compensation between the victims of the September 11th
casualty, and those who die serving the country
in uniform, are profound.
> > > > > >
No one is really talking about it either because
you just don’t criticize anything having to do
with September 11th. Well, I just can’t let the
numbers pass by because it says something really
disturbing about the entitlement mentality of
this country.
> > > > > >
If you lost a family member in the September
11th attack, you’re going to get an average of
$1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of
$250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million. If you
are a surviving family member of an American
soldier killed in action, the first check you
get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of
which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial
> > > > > >
If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a
month until you remarry.
And there’s a payment of $211 per month for each
child under 18. When the child hits 18, those
payments come to a screeching halt. Keep in mind
that some of the people that are getting an
average of $1.185 million up to $4.7 million are
complaining that it’s not enough.
> > > > > >
We also learned over the weekend that some of
the victims from the Oklahoma City bombing have
started an organization asking for the same deal
that the September 11th families are getting. In
addition to that, some of the families of those
bombed in the embassies are now asking for
compensation as well.
> > > > > >
You see where this is going, don’t you? Folks,
this is part and parcel of over fifty years of
entitlement politics in this country. It’s just
really sad.
> > > > > >
“Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst
of emotion but the tranquil and steady
dedication of a lifetime.”-Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr.
> > > > > >
Every time when a pay raise comes up for the
military they usually receive next to nothing of
a raise. Now the green machine is in combat in
the Middle East while their families have to
survive on food stamps and live in low rent
> > > > > >
However our own U.S. Congress just voted
themselves a raise, and many of you don’t know
that they only have to be in Congress one-time
to receive a pension that is more than $15,000
per month and most are now equal to be
millionaires plus.
> > > > > >
They also do not receive Social Security on
retirement because they didn’t have to pay into
the system. If some of the military people stay
in for 20 years and get out as an E-7 you may
receive a pension of $1,000 per month, and the
very people who placed you in harms way receive
a pension of $15,000 per month. I would like to
see our elected officials pick up a weapon and
join ranks before they start cutting out
benefits and lowering pay for our sons and
daughters who are now fighting.
> > > > > >
“When do we finally do something about this ??”
If this doesn’t seem fair to you, it is time to
forward this to as many people as you can

Coming from a military family and having actually served in the military myself, I know what he is talking about in terms of raises and housing. While I agree that the families should get compensation, I don’t agree with the figures. It’s no wonder so many leave the military. They just aren’t treated as they should.

A Father’s Choice Part 24

Part 24

Afterwards, Danielle went straight to bed considering the fact that she had not slept for two days. She had only meant to take a nap, but she had ended up sleeping the till early the next morning.

When she woke up, it was six o’clock in the morning. She headed for her dressing room hoping that she had saved at least one dress. To her surprise, all of her old belonging were sitting exactly where she would have left them. That brought a smile to her face because she knew that Henry was the one behind it. No one else would have done such a gracious deed.

She hurried towards her father’s room. She entered through the sitting room where she found Henry. “How is he?”

“No change.” Danielle turned to go into- the other room, but Henry stopped her. “It is no use to go in right now; he is resting. Why don’t you take a seat.” Henry patted the spot beside him. “We have a lot of catching up to do.”

Danielle took the seat. “I guess we do have a lot to catch up on. You can not always portray everything that you want to in to in a letter. Before I left, I remember that you had your eye on a lady. What ever happened to her?”

A smile graced her face. “Nothing really has happened with her. I have not heard from her for awhile. What about you and your Antoine?”

“It is complicated, but I basically told him to move on, and that he would be better off without me. He did not like the idea at first, but he has already started to get use to the idea.”

Henry thought about it for a moment. No matter how much he wanted to be with Danielle, he cared more about her happiness. “Danielle, I can not sit back and watch you do this to yourself again.”

“What are you talking about?”

Henry let out a sigh, “You always think that you are not good enough for a man, but the truth is that any man would be lucky to have you. With Charles, I know for a fact that you loved him because you came crying to me when he and Jacqueline got together. I knew Charles, and I knew that he was a good man. You two would have been great together.”

“Henry, I was so young then that I did not know what I was feeling. I did not yet know what love was. Charles might have been my first crush, but when I look back on it I now know that I did not love him. He has been a great friend, but he never truly was anything else to me.”

“What about this Antoine? In one of your letters you wrote to me, you wished that you were a princess again so that you could be with him. You mean to tell me that you no longer have any feelings for him? I do not know him, but I am sure that he is a gentleman. Why then are you turning your back on another man?”

“He cares more for me than I could ever care for him. Sure I love him, but I am not in love with him. He is more like a brother. In fact, he is probably more like a brother than you are. He fell in love with me, and I wanted to make him happy. I pretended to love him more than I did. After I did this, I realized that I was hurting him much more than I was helping him.” By now, a few tears had started to fall down her face. “Why do I have to be so caring! It only ends up getting me in trouble.”

Henry let Danielle cry on his shoulder like she had done so many times before. He gently smoothed her hair with her hand. “Danielle, you are constantly changing. You are growing stronger by all of the trials you have had in life.” He did not say that he believed that she had grown more beautiful.

She whispers in his shirt, “Why can’t more people be like you?” Her eyes then slowly drift up to meet his.

Henry was compelled to kiss her. Her lips were simply unresistible. He felt himself slowly lowering his head. He tried to resist the temptation, he really did, but he could not help himself. When he was only a few inches away from her lips, the door suddenly opened. Both of them guiltily jump to the other side of the couch.

A nurse walks in. “The King is awake now, and would like to see his children. The doctor has approved it, but only for a few minutes. He is still weak, but he improved somewhat last night. Things are looking up for the King.”

Both of them shared excited looks, but neither of them touched the other one. Quickly, they entered the room. Danielle sat on the bed next to her father, who was now sitting up, and Henry stood a safe distance behind her. “I never realized how horrible it must be to always have to follow everyone else orders until I had to follow the doctors orders,” Francis laughs slightly.

“Do not be like some of the French citizens and not follow orders. You know that we would hate to lose you,” commented Henry, “You are much to valuable to all of our sanity.”

“I am sure you are only saying that because you do not want to be king quite yet, but regardless it is a nice thing to say. Thank you.” He looked over to Danielle who was sitting next to him. “Why don’t you stand up so your old father can have a good look at you?” Of course, she obeyed. “I must say that you have grown in height and I dare say beauty,” he took one of her hands, “But I believe that you have been working too hard. Your hands are all callused.”

“I have been a seamstress for the past nine months. I started my own shop, and once it got going it was very successful. Now, I shall leave it in the care of my friend Anne. She was kind to me when no one else was.” The three of them talked until the doctor told them that they needed to leave. Both were reluctant to go, but doctor’s orders were not to be taken lightly.

The moment they were in the hall Danielle spoke quickly, “I must go see Mother. I have not even talked to her since I came back. Excuse me.” Henry could feel his heart break with that comment that spoke of her fear of being alone with him.

Danielle was quickly able to find her mother in the garden. Marie was the first to speak, “I was beginning to think that you had forgotten about me. I shall forgive you because I understood that you rode for day and a half straight. After such a journey, I do not blame you for needing some sleep. Now sit with me until Jacqueline comes to monopolize all of your time.”

Danielle sat down across from Marie. The two of them easily fell into chat. It was basically the same conversation she had been having everyone. She told her mother all about how she had been keeping herself busy the past few months, and Marie told Danielle all about what had been happening here. Such as the fact that the Baroness had been sent to the Americas for hiring someone to stalk Henry, stealing from the crown, ect… Quickly, however, Jacqueline was there.

A guard announced her arrival, and that she was in what use to be known as the nursery. Danielle quickly excused herself and headed towards the nursery. She had to admit that she thought it was an odd place for Jacqueline to go, but then again Jacqueline had never been quite normal.

Danielle quietly walks in, and Jacqueline rushes to hug her. “None of us thought that you were ever coming home again, especially Henry. He was always trying to find an excuse to get you to come back.” Suddenly, there was a cry from behind Jacqueline.

Danielle slowly crept towards the cradle. Inside was a perfect little baby. Danielle lifted her up into her arms and started to rock her back and forth. “Whose child is this?”


EMTV and Daredevil, What A Match. Check it Out!

Whew, it’s hot outside and on this week’s brand spanking new EMTV. We have a new set, a new guest host, all new graphics and more! On this week’s episode we have footage from Daredevil, Red Dragon, hot movie reviews, news on EA Game’s “”Freekstyle””, Music News, and more surprises.

This week’s hosts are Michelle Alexandria and our brand new guest host Stephanie Renee Carlton – hey, why does she get three names? So click the link below and check out the show! Note – This ep was produced for television and contains 10 seconds of black at the beginning..[url=http://eclipsemagazine.com/tvshow/emtv19w1.wmv]CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SHOW[/url]

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