The Truth about Everything Chapter 13 – 15

from now on, i will add to this and make one thread instead of separates…will do that with dirty dancing also…will let you know when separate chapters are up…

Chapter 13

“What are you doing here?� Nicole asked, “I thought you weren’t coming?�

Auguste smiled. “We almost didn’t. Francis refuses to come out of the brush.�

Nicole smiled back. “He’s here?�

Auguste nodded.

“What’s he afraid of, I wonder?� Nicole asked.

“Not too sure, he never told me. I think he’s afraid of getting to know his future bride.�

Nicole looked at him and swallowed. The smile disappeared.

“Listen, Auguste, I have something to tell you.�

“And, I have something to tell you also, Nicole.�

He had blurted her real name out so quickly that he hadn’t realized he’d even mentioned it.

Until he saw the look on her face.

“What did you call me?� Nicole asked, frowning.

Now Auguste was really confused. “Wait a minute,� he said, “I thought that you were Nicole de Lancret and that woman over there was…�

“What woman, Auguste?� Nicole said, angrily, “I don’t see any woman.� She looked up and around but Marie was gone.

“You know Marie du Bois, the Prince’s intended.�

“What are you talking about, Auguste de Barbarac. You mean that you knew all along who we really were and never said a thing to either of us.�

Auguste was angry now. “And you lied from the very beginning, Mademoiselle. That was a dirty trick.�

“This was not my intention, Captain,� she said, spitting the words at him. “I was going to tell you the truth all along except that..� she stopped, mid sentence.

“Except what?� Auguste looked at her, “that you were frightened not to? That you enjoyed making fools of us?�

Nicole was angrier than ever. “Excuse me, Captain, but I must find my friend. As far as I am concerned, I would be very happy if I never saw your face again.�

And she walked off into the brush, leaving Auguste standing there all alone.

The Others

This Film was good totally not what I expected but still entertaining. I liked it but the DVD sucked it had no deleted scenes and well just people talking lots of stuff I don’t wanna hear. The only thing interesting was the real family story with a child who is sensitive to sunlight. That’s it. Other than that eh glad I saw it at home as well.

“”The Good Girl”” Director Miguel Arteta

“”The Good Girl”” re-teams screenwriter Mike White and director Miguel Arteta, who are well known for their collaboration in the independent favorite “”Chuck and Buck””. In “”The Good Girl”” Jennifer Aniston finds her breakout role with Justine, a small-town Texas store clerk who feels imprisoned by her dead-end job and a stale marriage with her pot smoking, infertile husband Phil (John C. Reilly). Her only solace is found in an affair with Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal), a young sales clerk thought to be a kindred spirit.

Aniston shines as Justine. She’s able to flex her acting muscles and move beyond her award-winning role as Rachel on Friends. She’s teamed with an amazing ensemble cast of characters that round out this quirky film. Recently, we sat down with director Miguel Arteta to discuss “”The Good Girl””, the “”Rachel factor”” and what Brad Pitt thought of his wife’s new look in the film. This is what he had to say:Miguel Arteta:Did you have a chance to see the film?EM:Yes. And I have a friend who is dying to see it. She asked me again today about it.MA:Oh cool. A

Lord of The Rings – DVD, Michelle’s Take

Every once in a while a film comes along that has such a rabid, irrational following that any comments by a reviewer become completely meaningless. New Line Cinema’s much hyped, long awaited, and overblown three hour epic “”The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring”” is just such a film. Now that it’s on DVD, we can revisit the legend and myth of this film.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Favorite Cartoon Characters and Cartoons

What are/were your favorite cartoon characters and cartoons? Mine are

Bugs Bunny


Lucy (my mother is exactly like her, it’s scary)

Charlie Brown

The Flintstones

Foghorn/Leghorn (the chicken)

Augie Doggie

Speed Racer (Everyone Sing! Here he comes, here comes speed racer, he’s the demon on wheels….Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, go….)



Star Blazers (Everyone Sing!!!! We’re off in outer space, protect the human race….dum, dum, dum, duuummmmm….Star, Star Blazers! Traveling to distance stars, not knowing what the dangers are, star, star blazers!!!!)

Marine Boy

The Simpsons (the longer the Simpsons stay on the air the less and less I like it. It jumped the shark the minute they started having celebrity voices on the show.)

Johnny Socco



GI-Joe (Yo Joe!!!! Anyone remember the really dark and deeply disturbing GI-Joe movie? If you read any of the current Jedi Knight books, the main villians are a blatent rip off of the villians from this film.)

He-Man (this has a special place for me, because I got hooked on it while I was in the hospital for 4 months after I graduated High School, this and Thundercats were the only thing on TV. And I kinda dug the H-Man movie, and watch it every time it’s on TV)

Thundercats (they spend 20 minutes getting their asses kicked and two minutes kicking ass.)

MIghty Mouse

The X-Men

Batman Beyond

Batman/Superman Hour

And one of the common factors on all of these shows, is most of them have really kick ass theme songs. I didn’t watch that many cartoons.

Full Frontal

I caught this a few weeks ago, and it’s total self involved crap. This is the first film in a long time that I can say I really hated. It was forced, badly directed, badly filmed, and just a pompous “experimental” student film that never would have been made or released if Soderbergh wasn’t behind it. Would give it an F

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