Mystic Roots Band releases NEW single/video

Hello readers of Eclipse Magazine,
I have an underground band to introduce to ya. First of all, I’d like to know which of you readers out there are fans of reggae/rock/hip-hop music? If you don’t care for this style of music, I’d pass on this article. Now, let me bring you up to speed. The band Mystic Roots is an underground band that has been around for the past 15 years and was formed in Chico, California. Members of the band have changed throughout the years but the current band members are: Coot Wyman (only original band member)-vocals/keyboards/beatbox, Katherine Ramirez-vocals, Dane “Dane Jah” Lundy-bass, Alec “A-Dub” Wheatly-drums, and Scott “Scotty J” Schipper-saxophone/vocals/keyboards. The Mystic Roots Band is mostly known throughout California and Hawaii around the reggae genre. The only album the MRB currently has out is “Constant Struggle” and that was released in 1999/2005.

Now the MRB will be releasing a NEW album called “Cali-High” and that will be available October 5, 2010. In the meantime, the MRB has released the single “Cali-Hi” which features the singer Zion Thompson from the reggae band “The Green” (the band is from Honolulu, Hawaii). The video below is a picture video including the song “Cali-Hi”. I hope all of you enjoy. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this post. Thanks:

If anyone is in the northern California area, feel free to catch one of their shows:
August 20: Swabbies Restaurant & Bar (ALL AGES) Sacramento, Ca 5pm
August 21: San Geronimo Valley Community Center (ALL AGES) San Geronimo, Ca 6pm
August 22: Aubergine After Dark w/Bellyfull (ALL AGES) Sebastopol, Ca 8pm
September 3: Park Concert: Downtown Park Plaza (All Ages) Chico, Ca 530pm
September 3: La Salle’s nightclub and bar (21+) Chico, Ca 9pm

*Finally, I was fortunate enough to interview the Mystic Roots Band back in May for WhargarblTV. If interested, feel free to check out the interview here: