Movie News: Ryan Reynolds Chosen As The Green Lantern?


Industry sources close to the Warner Brothers/DC Comics planned production of a movie based on the DC comic hero The Green Lantern are saying that Ryan Reynolds has signed a deal to take on the lead role. Reynolds is no stranger to playing comic book action heroes having  starred as Deadpool in the recently released Wolverine movie.

Other contenders for the role of Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern are Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper, with Cooper leading the ranks in online fan choice polls.

Ryan Reynolds, a busy young actor, is already set to star in “Buried,” a dark indie drama that will begin filming shortly in Barcelona with Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes. Reynolds will play a civilian contractor who is kidnapped in Iraq and awakes in a coffin, struggling against time to coordinate a rescue even though he doesn’t know where he’s buried in the desert.

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