Michelle’s iPad Review will be late

I know no one visits this site for my ramblings on the state of the tech world, but my review of the iPad is going to be late because I decided to wait for the 3G Version. A few weeks ago, I wrote that I had preordered the 64 GB WiFi version of the iPad. I gave numerous reasons why I think I’d want one. After thinking about it, I cancelled my order because I don’t like “gimped” devices. Yes I know all of the iPad flaws but if I buy something then I will always want the best available version. I don’t see the point of getting the non-wifi version or the 16 or 32 gig versions. As I’ve said on numerous occasions hotel Wi-Fi generally sucks. I love the idea of the Verizon MiFi option, but as long as they use a 5GB cap, there’s no way I would get it.

I hate the fact that Apple has so many different Skus of this dumb thing when the difference between the bottom end and the top end in each category is only $200. Now granted if you are talking WiFi vs. 3G then that difference is almost $400. Intellectually I know I would probably never want to pull this thing out to surf the web or check email while I’m out – that’s why I have the iPhone, but then it rarely works. I’m in San Francisco for the weekend and it’s not working much at all. Wait, maybe going with 3G isn’t the way to go. Why pay $130 premium and ANOTHER $30 a month for AT&T’s crappy 3G? So I changed my mind, I am picking up the WiFi version next week.  I’m going to walk into the San Francisco Apple Store on launch day tomorrow and see if I can snag one of these, if I can that will tell me something, what I don’t know. Plus I just found out the Marvel App WILL work without 3G once your content is downloaded.