Michelle’s 24 Recap – Eps 3 and 4

    Episode 3 – Airdate 01.18.2010

    The following takes place between 6pm and 7pm

    The highlight for tonight’s episode is the reappearance of Renee Walker, AKA “Freckles” Bauer (Annie Wersching) . I didn’t think I’d like Freddie Prinze Jr. as the fresh-faced head of field ops Cole Ortiz – dumb name. CTU really has some new fancy digs this year, that garage is quite nifty. Oh hell no, some homies messing with Bauer on a basketball court? They don’t know what he’s got in his sack and what he can do to them. Chloe and Jack track Davros (Where’s “The Doctor?”) down to the expendable couple’s house where of course they are dead. Can I get a “Dammit” from you Jack? So far the opening few minutes of this episode is slow as heck. Jack gets the boots put to him because the cops think he’s a cop killer. So of course the cops go to town on him and want to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile at CTU they are still trying to decrypt the file.

    I’m not sure what I think of Katee Sackhoff yet, I already hate her storyline, after everything CTU has been through they still don’t know how to run a proper background check on their own employees? This is a real tired plot thread that they already used in I think Season 4 where the Director had the strung out sister. Director Hastings is being made to look like a complete fool this early in the season? The one thing I loved about last season was the FBI Guy that butted heads with Jack was actually smart and had scruples. Hassan tells Hastings that he had an affair with Meredith.

    Hastings screws Chloe over and refuses to send backup for Jack and threatens to fire her if she leaves the building. This putz has no idea who he’s dealing with it. By the end of this episode she will have his “Pants will be on the Ground.” Jack’s had enough of the cop beating on him.

    I’m not feeling this episode of 24; Hastings is just too freaking Dumb. They’ve already proven that Meredith is not the mole yet the moron still falls for the fake plans that shows a bomb at the UN and orders a full evacuation. I’m starting to think maybe they really want the President dead or she’s going to get killed in the attempt on Hassan. Oh no, Jack involves a Jr. Police Officer; you know he’s toast. Jack and Cole manage to stop the assassination.

      Episode 4
      Original Airdate 01.18.2010

      The Following Takes Place between 7pm and 8pm.

      Hastings really is a little weasel. He takes credit for stopping the attacks. Cole spots Davros and the chase is on. Hassan’s brother is also heavily involved in the plot and let’s everyone know 3 minutes into the episode when Davros tells him it’s only a matter of time before they discover his involvement and he immediately panics and kills an agent before they even capture Davros? How dumb is this guy?

      Jack kills Davros. Too bad “The Doctor” isn’t there to help him. Wah, Jr. Police guy never in danger, huh? Hassan arrives at CTU – have I said how cool that Garage is? Hastings tells Hassan about his brother and his response? I want to see my lover. Of course Hastings takes credit for everything. Chloe gives him “the look,” and he calls her on it. I love watching her put this AssClown in his place. Where’s Freckles!?

      The 24 formula in play, they foiled the first plot, now we’re getting a “reset” to find out, low and behold there’s another level of plotting going on, this time involving the Russians who Renee Walker has some expertise with. Apparently she worked undercover with the mob and is the best. She had a breakdown after the events in season 7. Jack tries to avoid seeing her. Hassan’s brother is selling nuclear materials to the Russian mob.

      Freckles is finally in the house and the awkwardness between her and Chloe is great. Hastings asks Renee to go back undercover. Jack tells Hastings that Renee isn’t ready for this and offers to watch her back. This is going to end badly for Renee. Hassan breaks thinks off with Blondie. Hassan’s brother meets with the Russian to haggle over the nuclear rods.

      I hate this stupid story line with Dana and the trailer park trash. It makes no sense and Chloe is giving her “the look,” so super Chloe knows something’s going on. It’s pretty obvious that at some point in the next few hours Dana is going to have one of her boy toys kill trailer park guy.

      Wholly crap, Renee is off her nut! She went from being all sweet and innocent at the beginning of Season 7 to cutting some guy’s arm off!


      While I generally liked 24 last Season, I don’t like the new 4 – 6 episode story arc structure that they started last season – or maybe it’s always been there and I’ve never noticed. It just stops the action as they reveal the next minion up on the food chain and it’s hard to keep the excitement going when you keep starting over. Granted in the past it felt like it took “forever” for Jack to foil a plot but now, I don’t know…

      Episode Grade C

      EM TV Recap
      By Michelle Alexandria
      Originally Posted 01.19.2010