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Fox 2013-14 Brings Back Jack

24 LIVE ANOTHER DAY:  A thrilling new tent-pole event series set to restart the clock on the groundbreaking and Emmy Award-winning drama franchise starring Kiefer Sutherland. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television and Howard Gordon’s Teakwood Lane Productions, 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY will make its historic debut in the summer of 2014 on FOX.  ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr: FOX

Touch is gone but Jack is back\! Fox has revealed that Jack Bauer will return for Summer 2014 in the event series, 24: Live Another Day. The 12-episode miniseries will represent 24 hours (will things be happening in double time?) – and keep Kiefer Sutherland in the Fox Television universe.

24: Live Another Day will be produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television and Howard Gordon’s Teakwood Lane Productions. Gordon will, once again, be showrunner. The series will find an older Jack, several years after his last Bad Day in the show’s final season back in 2010.

Follow the jump for the official press release.

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24 Series Finale Tonight

Who has the Monday blahs?! I don’t!  I finally watched the last 11 hours of 24 yesterday, so I’m all caught up and ready for tonight. Jack’s gone off the deep end and no way does it end well for him tonight. But can we really name a season where the day ended well? Sure there was one season where he actually did get to walk off into the sunset. I’m not sure how I feel about Season 8, it’s been Ok, I really like Freddie, hated Dana, Chloe is Chloe bringing back Logan just seemed stupid and the writers really had run out of ideas I mean they used the same 24 gimmicks this year that they do every year and it’s just kind of tired now. So I’m glad the show is being put out of it’s misery tonight. Unlike Law and Order the folks at Fox is giving this once great show a good send off.

Michelle’s 24 Recap – Eps 3 and 4

    Episode 3 – Airdate 01.18.2010

    The following takes place between 6pm and 7pm

    The highlight for tonight’s episode is the reappearance of Renee Walker, AKA “Freckles” Bauer (Annie Wersching) . I didn’t think I’d like Freddie Prinze Jr. as the fresh-faced head of field ops Cole Ortiz – dumb name. CTU really has some new fancy digs this year, that garage is quite nifty. Oh hell no, some homies messing with Bauer on a basketball court? They don’t know what he’s got in his sack and what he can do to them. Chloe and Jack track Davros (Where’s “The Doctor?”) down to the expendable couple’s house where of course they are dead. Can I get a “Dammit” from you Jack? So far the opening few minutes of this episode is slow as heck. Jack gets the boots put to him because the cops think he’s a cop killer. So of course the cops go to town on him and want to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile at CTU they are still trying to decrypt the file.

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    The Jack Sack is Back, 24 Season 8 Predictions

    The Jack Sack is back baby and after the excellent two hour premiere I’m fully on board with Season 8 of 24. I loved it when Jack muttered, “I hate this place.” Who doesn’t hate their job? I’m the type of viewer who generally enjoys 24 in six hour marathon sessions as opposed to watching it on a week-to-week basis. I think the story flows better this way, so I will be doing re-caps this season but probably in two – three episode blocks. My recap of the first four hours will come later this week, in the meantime I have a few predictions for this season – since we all know there is definitely a formula.

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    Television: Chris Diamantopoulos To Join Cast of 24


    Chris Diamantopoulos, a handsome 34 year old Canadian born actor, has been added to the regular cast for the up coming 8th season of the hit FOX series, 24.

    Diamantopoulos, who has been acting since he was nine years old and has done work on Broadway, will play Rob Weiss, the tough new Chief of Staff to President Allison Taylor. Viewers last saw this talented actor as Rodney on the recently cancelled series, The Starter Wives.

    24 stars Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer the top, though often times very rogue, agent of the LA Counter Terrorist Unit. 24 has a unique premise in which each season of the hit series takes place in one day as episodes unfolds in real time following a consecutive hour and it’s never a "good day" for Jack and the members of CTU.

    24 airs on Monday nights at 9PM EST on the FOX Network.

    TELEVISION REVIEW: 24: Season Seven Recap

    24: Season 7

    Wow, how did 24 Season 7 end up like this? This was the first season in several years where I was really addicted to 24 and watched it weekly – normally, I’ll either DVR 10 episode blocks or wait for the DVDs but this season was rocking in the beginning until a disturbing pattern formed and that’s the 3 -4 episode arc style of story telling. Every time the show built momentum they caught the bad guy and it was “Oh, I’m just a small fry here…” Then the show introduced new characters and built up all over again, it became a little jarring and disjointed. But I was still hooked.

    The show went off the rails around hour 18 when they revealed Tony to really be a bad guy and Jack got dosed with the virus. The show sort of went into free fall from there because then it focused on the President’s daughter who is no Sheri Palmer. She came across as a bush league lightweight, but then again so did President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) and her weird “pursed,” lips whenever she was “vexed.”  Almost everything involving the President this season brought things to a halt. Her entire arc was pretty ridiculous but it still somehow worked for me.

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    TELEVISION NEWS: It’s Season Finale Night for 24, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill

    Don’t forget the season Finale of 24 is tonight. And for those that still care, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill have their finales tonight as well.

    24 Promo

    I’ll be watching 24 tonight, but I sort of lost interest 4 episodes ago when they went one twist two many with Tony’s reverse heal turn. I actually fell asleep on it the last two weeks. And this season was so awesome up till that point.

    Gossip Girl

    To bad I don’t have my DVR set up, but I’ll catch this when the DVDs come out.

    One Tree Hill

    Are they really going to kill off Peyton tonight?

    TELEVISION: My Dumb 24 Theory for Tonight

    I’ve been loving this season of 24, that is until the Tony reveal which has sapped me of my last, “this is completely stupid resolve.” But here’s my dumb theory for tonight’s episode of 24, it’s going to be revealed that the girl Tony is screwing is actually Michelle. They rescued her and gave her plastic surgery. Yeah it doesn’t make sense, but not much else has this season – even though I really like it.

    TELEVISION: 12 Shows That Are Not In Danger of Cancellation


    It’s the time of the year where the networks and fans gather together in an annual dance of Save our Show-itist. Everyone is stressed and upset at the unsettled nature of everything – is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gone? What’s going on with Chuck, Reaper, etc.  Instead of wasting energy being worried about things we have little control over, let’s appreciate the programs that survived. I thought it’s time to take stock and see what “genre” shows are in no danger of being cancelled. I’ll start by saying for some reason Navy NCIS is still going. Who watches this show?

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