iPad 3G has landed

The iPad 3G has arrived. I do find it odd that they are going to start selling it at retail at 5pm today. How silly is that? I know I love to rag on the iPad, but I’ll probably end up getting the 3G version sometime late next week. I really want to buy it from Amazon because they have better return options and no sales tax, but freaking Apple won’t let Amazon sell it, I really despise Apple and Steve Jobs, so it makes me a hypocrite that I own all their dumb products and will be rewarding their broken, gimped Wi-Fi only iPad buy paying a premium to get the 3G version when I already pay $30 a month for the iPhone data plan and already know AT&T 3G service SUCKS! How retarded am I?

I’ve threatened it before, but I really want to go back to the Windows world get a 13 inch, all day laptop for 600 bucks (I mean that Asus looks hot! 4 Gigs Ram, 500 GB HD, tons of Ports, 12 Hr Battery life…) and just call it a day. I mean I keep saying I’m going to develop iPad/iPhone apps, it’s why I bought a Macbook in the first place but if I haven’t done it in two years, what makes me think I’ll do it this year? I’d rather just pay someone to build my stuff for me and not reward Apple for their bad business practices and products that DON’T “Just Work.”