First Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Soundtrack In Stores Today!

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The CW’s musical dramedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has released a twenty-five track soundtrack album – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 1 – Volume 1).

In stores today, the soundtrack features a selection of songs from the show’s first season along with five original demos. Follow the jump for details.


Features Songs from Season One Performed by the Cast,
Including Rachel Bloom, Santino Fontana and Donna Lynne Champlin

Collection Contains 25 Songs, Including Five Original Demos

CBS Television Studios and The CW today announced the release of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 1 – Volume 1), the 25-song soundtrack to the first eight episodes of the acclaimed series. Featuring songs performed by cast members Rachel Bloom, Santino Fontana, Donna Lynne Champlin, Vincent Rodriguez III, Pete Gardner, Vella Lovell and Gabrielle Ruiz, the collection is available in both explicit and clean versions, with both showcasing five original song demos.

“The main songwriters of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND – Adam Schlesinger, Rachel Bloom, and Jack Dolgen – knock me out every single episode,” explained show co-creator and Executive Producer Aline Brosh McKenna. “The level of inspiration and flat-out funny is amazing. They are kicking out so much original music every week, it’s staggering. Adam Schlesinger (Executive Music Producer) and Steven M. Gold (Music Producer) are creating songs in a dizzying array of genres and styles, and it is a real achievement. I encourage everyone to check out these tunes. They’re catchy and funny, and they might also break your heart.”

“Our songs are the heart of our show,” said co-creator, Executive Producer and star Rachel Bloom. “They are the emotional tent-poles that represent every character’s fears and dreams. There is no CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND without the music. From start to finish, the creation of each song feels like playing in the sandbox for all of us. Adam Schlesinger is a genius, and I can’t believe I get to work with him every day.”

“This is a dream gig for me,” Schlesinger added. “I get to co-write lots of songs in lots of different styles with supremely funny, smart, talented people. And then have them performed by an amazing cast. And then see them on TV a few days later.” He continued, “I wasn’t sure it would be humanly possible to write as many musical comedy songs in as short a time as we did for this show. On Broadway, a show with even a dozen or so songs in it can take years to develop. When I look at the track list of our Season 1 compilation, I’m still not quite sure how we pulled it off. What’s even more amazing is that none of them suck.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 1 – Volume 1) was released today. The album is being distributed by WaterTower Music. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme
  2. West Covina
  3. West Covina Reprise
  4. The Sexy Getting Ready Song (Explicit)
  5. Feelin’ Kinda Naughty
  6. I’m So Good At Yoga (Explicit)
  7. Face Your Fears
  8. I Have Friends
  9. A Boy Band Made Up Of Four Joshes
  10. Settle For Me
  11. Settle For Me (Reprise)
  12. Sex With a Stranger
  13. I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way)
  14. I’m A Good Person (Explicit)
  15. I Give Good Parent (Explicit)
  16. What’ll It Be?
  17. His Status Is… Preferred
  18. I’m In a Sexy French Depression
  19. California Christmastime
  20. Where’s The Bathroom
  21. Feelin’ Kinda Naughty (Demo)
  22. I Have Friends (Demo)
  23. Settle For Me (Acapella) (Explicit)
  24. Sex With A Stranger (Demo)
  25. What’ll It Be? (Demo)

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