Exclusive: Netflix’ Sense8 Toby Onwumere Talks with Michelle

Sense8 is one of Netflix’s little talked about gems. It’s a weird little show that is stunning to look at in UltraHD and wears its heart on its sleeve. For good or bad it’s everything the Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski are known for – deeply personal journeys, social and political commentaries, a sometimes confusing story and gorgeous cinematography.

Relative newcomer Toby Onwumere is the new Capheus Onyango / Capheus replacing former series regular Aml Ameen. I’ll admit I didn’t know this at the time, which led to an awkward beginning to the interview. What can I do? Research? Bah! I loved season two of Sense8 and still need to write a review. Here are some highlights from my conversation with Toby. You can listen to the full, slightly edited audio as well.

  • Toby was born in Kenya so his favorite moments filming the show are when he gets to work in Zimbabwe because it’s like being home for him.
  • His favorite scene to shoot this year was the political speech in Ep 10 because the day included everything an actor could want including a passionate speech, action and drama all in one day.
  • When pressed to choose his favorite Sense 8 character other than Capheus, he chose Lana Wachowski. He’s absolutely in awe of her drive, creativity and humanity.
  • His favorite location to shoot in besides Kenya was Berlin because he’s never been before and it’s a great artistic haven. He went to a club there that didn’t have any of the fancy club stuff, it was all about the community.
  • Stepping into a role that someone else created wasn’t that difficult. Primarily because he was able to use season one as his bible and the cast was so welcoming.
  • Season 2 features a lot more scenes of the group together and Toby said those were some of his favorite scenes to film. Each person brings a different vibe and it’s nice to be able to play off each other.
  • It was easy for him to build chemistry with his cast mates because everyone was welcoming and it’s like a family at this point where they know when to push and back off.
  • Season 2 is about learning about the wider world and where their cluster fits within the bigger picture.
  • Capheus is the heart of his cluster. He’s the one that’s able to speak and connect with people.
  • Capheus goes on an interesting journey in S2 and that he’s someone who wants to help people.

Sense8 season 2 is now available on Netflix.