Eclipse Magazine presents the GeekScholars Movie News Podcast #066


Hit play above to listen to our hilarious episode, including our December 2012 Preview, where we predict the Rotten Tomatoes score for all the big movies coming out this month (Note: For November 2012, the GeekScholars were only off an average of +/- 3% per movie!). Hit the jump for more details on the show! 

The GeekScholars Movie News podcast starts off December with an awesome special (and quite hilarious) episode. First off, yet more Star Wars news as the crew weighs in on the news that writers have been hired for Episode VIII and IX. What’s most intriguing is that it’s a pair of writers, and one of them is a Star Wars (and Raiders of the Ark!) alum!

From there, the GeekScholars tackle all of the fantastic movies coming out over the next month with their December 2012 Preview! Listen in as the crew shares their hype scores and their Rotten Tomatoes predictions for: Playing for Keeps, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, This is 40, Zero Dark Thirty, The Guilt Trip, Jack Reacher, Parental Guidance, Django Unchained, and of course, Les Miserables. 

Next, to get things into the holiday spirit, the GeekScholars enter into another Casting Competition Challenge where they attempt to recast Christmas Vacation, giving their picks to play Clark W. Griswold, Ellen, and Cousin Eddie (with a winner picked by Lauren, of course).

Finally, the crew reviews and grades the trailers for Snitch, an action movie starring Dwyane Johnson, and I Give It a Year, a British romantic comedy.

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