DVD Review: Cop Out Rolls Out The Laughs, But The Bonus Features Don’t Rock


Available from Warner Home Video as a DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Down load Combo Pack beginning July 20th.

Cop Out had all the makings of a box office action/comedy hit when it was released into theaters back in February. It starred action movie veteran Bruce Willis and the very comedic Tracy Morgan and had Kevin Smith in the production mix as director and editor.  In Cop Out, Officers Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) and Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) are a pair of bickering-but-got-your-back Brooklyn buddy cops on the  hunt for a stolen 1952 mint-condition baseball card (Jimmy needs it to fund his daughter’s wedding), a hunt plunging them into a gunslinging war with a deadly drug ring.

Cop Out was suppose to be funny and it was laugh out loud funny at several points in the movie. The problem was and still is, that despite a strong cast that also included Sean William Scott and Kevin Pollack, this ‘bromance played for laughs”’ style of cop comedy was short on plot line and relied too heavily on the being carried by the laughs.


Cop Out is a great Saturday night popcorn movie to pop into the DVD/Blu_Ray player when the younger kids are in bed. It’s a lot of fun and pretty funny for the most part (though I was not comfortable with the shooting in a Catholic Church in a movie that was suppose to be more comedy than heavy drama). The highlight of Cop Out is the great comedic and action style chemistry between Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Both actors had the daunting task of making sure not to take either the deadpan machismo or the rubber faced yuks over the top and with the exception of a few grating scenes, Willis and Morgan more than met the task.

The DVD release is top quality and has a crisp crystal clear image and sound quality. However what I found the most disappointing was the special features added onto the DVD/Blu_Ray release. While I liked seeing extended/deleted scenes and the out takes which were well worth watching, the stuff involving Kevin Smith, Sean William Scott and their comedy was not my area of interest. I would have liked to have seen more focus on Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan and the evolution of their characters.

Movie + B-

DVD Quality = B

Special Features = D

Overall Grade = B

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