DVD Review: Quantico The Complete First Season DVD

Quantico The Complete First Season

ABC’s Quantico was one of the few breakout hits that came out of 2015’s season of trainwrecks. So it’s baffling to me that the folks at ABC Home Video went cheap and only release the amazing S1 on DVD but not give us crisp Blu-ray set. The show is beautifully shot and standard definition does it a disservice. Quantico The Complete First Season on DVD hits the streets 09/12/16.

TV Show

Standard definition aside, this is one twisty show that manages to keep viewers on its toes. From the minute we meet our heroine FBI recruit Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) we know we’re in for something different. The show has a 24 vibe to it with Parrish being a younger, female, more idealist version of Jack Bauer. The mystery starts with a bombing in a major US City and the main suspect is of course – the Muslim student.

Quantico was created by Joshua Safran – one of the executive producers of Gossip Girl. The show has a jumpy feeling as it flashes back and forth between the current mystery and the everyone’s relationships as they went through training at FBI’s famed training center – Quantico. I found the cast mostly nondescript, but Priyanka is the true star of this.

There are times when I felt like I was watching a Shonda Rhimes production, all of the tropes are there – the fast talking, slick visuals, editing style, and sometimes ridiculous plot twists. If you like Shonda Rhimes style shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, etc. This show fits into that mode. Now that I think about it, maybe these shows are more like Gossip Girl.

I bailed on the show about 7 eps into it during the broadcast run. I honestly don’t have the patience to watch a 22 episode season week to week anymore, especially with the long breaks as well. On DVD (Blu-ray) is the best way to watch a show like this. It really sucks you in and makes for a solid weekend of binge watching.


As someone who has an expensive new 4K TV, I have to say again, come on ABC, we can’t at least get your TV on Home Videos on Blu-ray? As far as I know Once Upon A Time is the only show ABC puts out on Blu-ray. My 4K TV automatically upscales everything and the picture at times looks great, but there’s also some jerkiness to it this DVD. I’m not sure if it’s my due to my television or the quality of the DVD itself. I have an OLED TV and it generally does an amazing job upscaling standard def so I would suspect it’s the DVD.


Extras include a really fun video commentary with the cast and producers on the Pilot. Deleted scenes, bloopers and 2 featurettes.


I would recommend getting the digital version of the show even though it lacks the extras that’s included on the DVD Version. However the extras included on the DVD aren’t much to write home about. Considering the set is $30, I somehow expected a little bit more than what was provided.


  • TV Show – B
  • Audio/Video – C
  • Extras – C

Final Grade C