Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat is a must for any fan of fighting video games!

For those that have watched the show Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV,the Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat video game compliments the series perfectly. If you’ve never seen Deadliest Warrior but love fighting video games, you’re in for a real treat.

In Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat, you have ten historic deadly warriors to choose from: Alexander The Great, Attila The Hun, Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Hernan Cortes, Joan of Arc, Shaka Zulu, Sun Tzu, Vlad The Impaler, and William Wallace. Each player is historically accurate in the way they move, the armor they wear, and the weapons they use.

Some of the notable features include:

  • The brand new “Graveyard” arena exclusive to “Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat”
  • 30 new weapons, including a “Lockbar Axe” for William Wallace, the “Monk’s Spade” for Sun Tzu and a “Tsonga Battle Axe” for Shaka Zulu
  • Both digital titles and all DLC included for only $29.99
  • Cross-play with consumers of the original digitally-distributed titles
  • Never-before-released episodes of the show exclusive to “Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat”

Another additional feature I like is a game called “Generals”. Generals is a strategy game where you are against your opponent and the goal is to take over each others’ land and castle. Generals can either be played against the cpu, online against others, or at home against another player.

When you select single player, there are a total of 6 different modes: Arcade, generals, practice, training, challenge, and battle. If you’re not familiar with the game or how to do the players’ moves, I highly suggest selecting practice mode first and then do the training mode after.

There is also a muli-player mode available which will allow players to compete against each other and there’s local skirmish which will let you select up to 4 warriors and compete with another player locally. If you want to customize your warrior, watch battle replays, or go over battle statistics, head into the “War Chest” feature.

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat is a fun and realistic fighting game. I enjoyed everything about this game. The animation, the fighting styles, music, sound effects, and different game modes were all very well put together; I appreciate all the hard work that was put into this game by Spike_Games and 345Games. With that said, my grade for Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat is A+ all the way!

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat will be available tomorrow on April 17, 2012 for the Playstation 3 and XBox 360.
For more info on this game, head to:!/Warriors_Den

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345 Games, the video game arm of COMEDY CENTRAL and Spike TV, develops products based on the MTV Networks Entertainment Group’s franchises and brands.   The first two titles to be released under this label included COMEDY CENTRAL’s hit animated show “Ugly Americans” and Spike TV’s successful multi-platform series “Deadliest Warrior.”


Each week on Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior,” episodes pit two of the most feared warriors civilization has ever known against each other. Along with the use of 21st century science and the latest in CGI technology, each episode enlists warrior-specific world-class fighters and experts to provide insight into what makes these combatants tick, analyzing every facet of their unique skills of destruction, culminating in a head-to-head final fight between two legends of the battlefield that will produce the deadliest warrior. Highly-lauded showdowns include: Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror, Saddam Hussein vs. Pol Pot, Hannibal vs. Genghis Khan, US Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operations Force. Check out “Deadliest Warrior” on Facebook