Controversial Trailer: Veronika Decides To Die!


Sarah Michelle Geller is Veronika in Veronika Decides To Die.

Based on Paul Coelho’s international bestselling novel, Veronika Decides To Die follows Veronika from the moment of her attempted suicide through to the discovery that she only has two weeks to – and is being used in the controversial experiment of an ambition psychiatrist.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Veronika Decidea To Die will be in select theaters and in VOD on January 20th.

Veronika Decides To Die
In Select Theaters & On Demand January 20, 2015

Synopsis: After a frantic suicide attempt, Veronika awakens inside a mysterious mental asylum. Under the supervision of an unorthodox psychiatrist who specializes in controversial treatment, Veronika learns that she has only weeks to live.
Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jonathan Tucker, Erika Christensen, David Thewlis, Melissa Leo
Directed by: Emily Young
Written by: Larry Gross, Roberta Hanley
Distributor: Entertainment One Films