Contest: Edward Burns Film “Nice Guy Johnny” Prize Pack

In preparation for Ed Burns new indie film “Nice Guy Johnny” we are giving away some cool stuff (autographed script, poster, music)! Johnny Rizzo (Matt Bush) is a fledgling sports talk-radio host looking to make a higher-paying career change to appease his fiancée Claire (Anna Wood). Johnny heads home for the weekend to New York for a job interview set up by his future father-in-law and runs into his skirt chasing, bartender uncle Terry (Ed Burns). Terry makes it clear that he thinks Johnny is crazy for getting married and settling down at such a young age and decides a trip to the Hamptons for a freewheeling weekend is just what his nephew needs to put a little perspective on things.

“Nice Guy Johnny” is the latest of Burns trademark indie flicks but with a twitst…it’s opening in theaters, on iTunes, DVD and VOD all on October 26th. That’s right, all forms of media all on the same day! Talk about being resourceful and innovative. Ed has opted out of the big studio machine to try and reach his audiences in a more creative way. People like to view their entertainment in different ways, so why limit their options? While Burns isn’t the first to debut a film in more than one format at the same time, he is definitely one of the few. I think this is a great idea and hope that more filmmakers follow his lead!

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Nice Guy Johnny available on iTunes, DVD, VOD and more on October 26th!

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Sure, she can be a little overbearing sometimes, but baby-faced Johnny Rizzo loves his fiancée Claire, and he made her a promise: by the time he’s 25-years-old, he’ll trade his current dream job as a local sports talk radio host (even if it is the 2 a.m. slot) for something that’ll pay bigger bucks. And Johnny’s nothing, if not a man of his word.

Now he’s flying to New York to interview for some snoozeville job that Claire’s well-to-do father set up. Enter Uncle Terry, who lives in New York, a rascally womanizer bent on turning a day in the Hamptons into a final fling for his nephew. Nice guy Johnny’s not interested, of course, but then he meets the lovely Brooke…

Starring: Edward Burns, Matt Bush, Kerry Bishé, Anna Wood and Max Baker


Gift Bag includes:

  • Signed Nice Guy Johnny poster by Ed Burns
  • Signed Nice Guy Johnny screenplay by Ed Burns
  • DVD of Nice Guy Johnny
  • Soundtrack from Nice Guy Johnny

Watch the trailer here:

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It’s simple either sign up for the official Twitter feed at ( and  Tweet me ( using the tag #eclipsemagazine and #NiceGuyJohnny or you can email me (td******@ec*************.com) and you will automatically be entered to win this fantastic prize! The winner will be chosen Friday, November 5th.