ABC Family Heads For The Middle!

01 - Michael Ansell

ABC Family will begin running ABC’s long-running comedy series The Middle in a Monday-to-Friday strip on Tuesday, September 17 – following a sixteen-episode marathon on Monday, September 16th, beginning at 11am (10C).

The Middle follows the lives of the members of the Heck family – frazzled mom Frankie, calming dad Mike, oldest son Axl, spectacularly underachieving daughter Sue and gently eccentric youngest son, Brick. The Middle is told from Frankie’s point of view.

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Fans and New Viewers Can Catch Up with a Preview Marathon

on September 16 from 11am-7pm ET/PT

“The Middle” will begin airing on ABC Family, kicking off with an 8-hour marathon on Monday, September 16 from 11:00 am-7:00 pm ET/PT before settling into its regular timeslot weekdays 5:00 pm ET/PT, starting Tuesday, September 17.

“The Middle” revolves around frazzled mother Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton), her calming husband, Mike (Neil Flynn), and their three crazy kids: oldest son Axl (Charlie McDermott), an underachiever, socially awkward middle daughter Sue (Eden Sher), and quirky youngest son Brick (Atticus Shaffer). The sitcom is told from Frankie’s point of view, as she comments on her life in small-town middle America.

The marathon episodes include:

11:00 AM MID1001 – Pilot – Patricia Heaton stars as a working mother in Middle America.

11:30 AM MID1008 – The Scratch – A social worker visits the Heck household.

12:00 PM MID1010 – Siblings – Frankie vows to make her kids stop fighting.

12:30 PM MID1014 – The Yelling – Frankie makes a deal with her kids to stop yelling.

01:00 PM MID1018 – The Bee – Brick enters the regional spelling bee in Chicago.

01:30 PM MID1024 – Average Rules – Betty White stars as Brick’s nemesis, the school librarian.

02:00 PM MID2001 – Back to School – Doris Roberts guest stars on the season premiere.

02:30 PM MID2006 – Foreign Exchange – A foreign exchange student comes to live with the Hecks.

03:00 PM MID2008 – A Birthday Story – Frankie and Mike tell Brick the true story of how he was born.

03:30 PM MID2011 – Taking Back the House – Frankie and Mike decide to regain control of their lives.

04:00 PM MID2016 – Hecks on a Plane – Murphy’s Law rules, when the Hecks fly to New York.

04:30 PM MID2019 – The Legacy – Mike punishes Axl by keeping him from playing a final game.

05:00 PM MID3016 – The Concert – Frankie helps Sue get Justin Bieber concert tickets.

05:30 PM MID3017 – The Sit Down – The kids have a “sit down” with Frankie and Mike.

06:00 PM MID4001A – Last Whiff of Summer Part 1 – How the Hecks spent their summer on the season premiere.

06:30 PM MID4002B – Last Whiff of Summer Part 2 – How the Hecks spent their summer on the season premiere.

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Photo by Michael Ansell/Courtesy ABC