35th Annual Razzie Awards opens to public for 1st time



For 85 glorious years, the Oscars have honored the best in cinematic achievement.  Then there’s its anti-thesis.  The yin to its yang.  The shiny statue that boasts of a golden glistening fruit. And no, it’s not Adam’s apple.  It’s the famous Golden Raspberry Awards aka Razzies that awards the uncoveted worst in film.  Founded in 1980, this ceremony typically precedes the corresponding Academy Awards ceremony by one day. For the first 34 years, the Razzies was closed to the press.  Everybody had heard about it but there was no red carpet or glitz and glamour accompanying it.  This year was different.

Razzie award 2:20:15

Last night, the red carpet was rolled out in front of the Ricardo Montalbon Theatre on Vine St. for the ceremony which started at 8 pm.  A la Oscar style, the opening show was brilliantly performed by members the Sacred Fools Theatre spoofing “Annie”.  This was followed by presentation of the various categories – worst supporting actor, worst screenplay, worst screen combo, worst supporting actress, worst director, worst remake, rip-off or sequel, worst actor, worst actress and worst picture.  On the flip side, there was a Razzie redeemer award presented by a none where the angelic winner would redeem his or her self by opting out of previous worst category wins.

Razzies 2/20/15

Sacred Fools Theatre opening number for Razzies


Throughout the show, there were worst picture riffs i.e. SNL like sketches parodying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Legend of Hercules, Left Behind, Transformers 4, and Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.  Comedic video segments of roving reporters searching for winners who could not be found.  There was even a parody of 2015 Oscar nominee “Birdman”.  There was witty banter amongst the MC and various hosts.  And on a more serious note, it did honor the loss of some of the greatest comedians of all time — Joan Rivers and Robin Williams.

Razzies 2/20/15

Closing number of the 35th annual Razzies


The overall show was incredibly well done and before you knew it, the night was over.  From the Los Angeles  living room of Razzies founder John J.B. Wilson in 1980 to a grand venue in Ricardo Montalbon Theatre in 2015, this awards ceremony has grown.  The show was sold out and there was press from all over the world lining the red carpet.  This is not just another awards show.  It’s the Razzies!

For a list of the nominees and winners, you can click here.

Next stop–the Oscars!

Official web site:  www.razzies.com