VIDEO GAME NEWS: Netflix not working.


Am I the only one having problems activating the Netflix Streaming on the New Xbox Experience?  After waiting for months and slowly getting excited about this update, I was really impressed with the ease and speed of the update but now having some issues with it. To activate the Netflix Streaming you have to go to the Netflix website and enter a code, only problem is the activation process is broken. I entered six different codes and none of them have worked. In the Video Store they have the entire James Bond collection available in HD, in it’s own private space, looks great, I love the idea of having the entire Bond on my HD (even though I own 2 different DVD Collections and the Blu-Rays) was ready to buy all of them only problem is they don’t work. You click one of the links and it just hangs.  Keep in mind I have Verizon Fios so my broadband connection is pretty rock solid.  What problems are you all experiencing?

Updated: November 19, 2008 — 1:24 pm