TV Re-Cap: Gossip Girl Ep 3.6 Enough About Eve

Gossip Girl

This week’s episode starts of pretty good with a funny All About Eve dream from Blair. She’s jealous that Vanessa is on the verge getting the honor of giving a toast during Parent’s weekend and sets out to sabotage it.  I like Blair and Chuck together but I wish the show would let Blair grow up. This whole quest of hers to rule NYU is just silly and I hate that she has minions now. These girls were “smart” enough to get into NYU and they run around like they Blair’s slaves. Olivia stabs Vanessa in the back by volunteering to give the toast.  Nate talks Serena into playing a high-stakes poker game with Bree’s brother to win Carter’s freedom.

Vanessa takes Blair’s advice (never a good thing) and schemes to get Olivia out of the way. Vanessa is willing to do anything to try and impress her liberal, overbearing mother. Serena bet Nate’s cousin’s political future and lost. Wha-oh! Blair uses Chuck to blackmail the guy in charge of selecting speakers for the Parents dinner. Olivia thinks she did something wrong and calls Vanessa for advice. They are slowly turning Vanessa into a Blair clone.  Turns out Nate lied to Serena to set the Buckleys up. Meanwhile back at the party, Vanessa begs Blair to let her make the toast and Blair just laughs in her face.  Dan and Olivia find out Vanessa lied to them and Vanessa gets back at Blair. Chuck finds out that Blair lied to him.


Carter is upset that Serena bailed him out. Vanessa’s mom is upset and disappointed at the person she’s turning into. But hey, it’s her fault! All the unfair pressure and ranting about colleges shouldn’t cost money. Yeah in your fantasy world! Any parent would be proud that their kid from Brooklyn ended up at one of the top schools in the country. I hate pretentious people like this. Oooh, just make me so mad. Carter goes to Texas to work off his debt. Poor Vanessa ends up all alone at episodes end and there’s a nice little moment with her and Blair to close out the episode.

Episode Comments

Another strong episode, especially since it’s Georgina and Scott free. I think Hilary Duff is a great addition to the cast she really fits well and her character is good so far. This episode included a lot of good Lilly and Rufus moments. I’m still waiting for them to do something with Blair and have her grown up the show keeps teasing it, like this episode at the end when she realizes she went to far with Chuck and her little moment with Vanessa and earlier this season where she was all alone her first few days. Instead of using these occasions to learn, she double downs on her quest to become “Queen.” This felt like a transition or filler episode, but so far I’m really enjoying this season.

Episode Grade B

EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
Original Airdate 10.19.09