Turn Your Cellphone Into a Movie Theater: 5 Best Movie Streaming Apps


There is nothing quite like viewing a movie in a theater. The lights are dim, surround sound kicks in and the story comes to life on the big screen in front of you. However, most of us now live life on the go, and two hours in the theater is often too much time to spare even for the most dedicated of movie buffs.

Luckily, now you have the option of streaming films on your mobile devices. You can skip the two hour commitment and other drawbacks of theater outings like crying babies, endless commercials and that guy who keeps kicking the back of your seat while staying current with the movies you want to see. So grab your ear-buds and some popcorn, and check out these five apps for optimal movie streaming on your phone.



Crackle allows you to pick from a slew of quality films. With tons of foreign films, classic movies, and contemporary hits, Crackle is ideal for the comedy connoisseur and the anime aficionado. Although its strongest feature is the eclectic film collection, Crackle does offer some select TV programming and exclusive, original shows as well. Some other great features are that you don’t have to sign up or subscribe to start viewing and you don’t have to sit through sponsor breaks that are frequently found in other streaming apps. And, best of all—Crackle is free.



A favorite of many streaming fans, Flixster allows users to stream movies, make lists, read reviews and view full-length previews. It’s easy to scroll through, making it convenient when trying to find a family-friendly movie or a Tarantino favorite. It also features an ultraviolet format, which allows you to access your own movies from the cloud. Flixster can be found in the App Store or through AirPlay.



Available through the App Store for free, SnagFilms is available for the iPhone and Apple TV. SnagFilms gives you movies, documentaries and comedy shorts for the well-rounded movie watcher as well as new titles every month. One of SnagFilms’ most impressive features is the selection of more than 8,000 LGBT, independent, Bollywood and action-adventure titles.

Watch TCM


The Watch TCM app allows subscribers to stream TCM classics anytime, anywhere. It includes two live broadcast feeds of TCM as well as hundreds of On Demand films and cult classics, which are updated monthly. For example, October features Blackula (1976) and Psycho (1960). In addition to the actual movies, the app also includes a trivia app and a Hollywood Tour app. It costs $2.99.



For the film fanatic with an already extensive collection of titles, Plex is an amazing option for streaming your movie arsenal to your iPhone or iPad. It also offers its own selection of movies, full-length previews and easy ways to organize your selections. Additionally, you can use your smartphone to control a Plex-enabled or Chromecast-enabled TV. Because these devices sync, you can continue watching the movie you started on your TV at home when you have to move to a new location.