TELEVISION: Digital TV Conversion happens tonight! Are You Ready ?

Digital Conversion

I’m sure that 100 percent of you savvy EM Readers are ready for tomorrow’s Digital TV Conversion. I’ve never really understood the point of this and why it’s being forced upon everyone, or even where this initiative started. But as of midnight tonight (I’m assuming it’s at midnight) Television will be all digital. So if your television uses rabbit ears you have to go out and get a Digital Converter box that cost $40 – $60. The govt provided two coupons per household to cover most of the cost of the new boxes, but then ran out of money early this year. I immediately thought about trying to sell my two $50 Govt coupons on eBay for several hundred dollars, but then realized it was a stupid idea. Maybe some idiot out there would buy it as a “collectible.”

Digital Converter Box

If you have Cable or Satellite TV then you don’t have to worry about it.  So I ask, are you ready or are you going to just start reading books starting tomorrow.  I say there’s a good argument to be made to take this as an opportunity to stop watching television. I know the only night my television is actually on is Thursday night for Burn Notice and now Royal Pains.

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