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Starship Icarus – The Guys Who Provide Support For The Guys Who Explore Alien Worlds!

starship-icarus 11-06-14

Star Trek (any iteration), Star Wars – when you watch a movie or TV show where a crew of intrepid folks explore the vast reaches of space, have you ever wondered about the crew who keep those starships, space stations or what have you working on a day to day basis?

Babylon 5 spent one episode of its five-year run on them and John Scalzi’s novel Redshirt paid slightly more attention to them than most – but now, the finely disturbed minds at Cracked.com have devoted a webseries to them.

Written by John Pargin (John Dies at the End) and Michael Swaim, Starship Icarus is their story. The series premiere, The Ridiculous Reality of Life in Space: Starship Icarus, is now up. Follow the jump for details.

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Producer Hope Royaltey Launches The P@ssionate and The Privileged — An Original Series On Twitter

Today’s an exciting day because we are about to witness the birth of an original series on Twitter. That’s right folks, today The P@ssionate and The Privileged Twitter series goes live! Ok, so today the WEBSITE goes live and the show premieres in two weeks on Tuesday March 8th at 3pm EST but still that’s very exciting and this highly anticipated show is one step closer to a reality! As far as I know, this is one of the first if not the first scripted drama on Twitter and I for one am excited to see what happens.

In typical soapy fashion there’s a love triangle…actually there are several love triangles, family secrets, murder, intrigue, sex, lies, money and of course passion…LOTS of passion! It wouldn’t be much of a soap without sexy love stories and The P@ssionate and The Privileged has something for everyone.

The shows website (http://www.pandptheshow.com) launches today but season one, episode one premiere’s Tuesday, March 8th at 3pm EST with Episode two taking place just a couple days later on Thursday, March 10 at 3pm EST. That’s right it’s on twice a week and each episode lasts one hour. Another little treat to keep your fix going during the rest of the week is character interaction. During the week when the show is not on, you as the viewer will have the chance to talk directly to the characters. That’s right I said characters, not cast so please keep that in mind. Also, the actors behind the characters will not be revealed right away so expect your favorites from daytime soaps, television, film and Broadway to make an appearance. You might even find a few friends from Twitter voicing a character, you just never know!

Spoiler Alert: If you pay close attention to the graphic posted below the jump, the first of many couples just might be revealed!
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Chatting with Rachael Hip-Flores from “Anyone But Me”

Rachael Hip-Flores Talks to EclipseMagazine

Our friends over at the hit teen webseries “Anyone But Me” are throwin’ a party! It’s a Web-a-Thon, let’s make enough cash to fund Season 3 party! I thought a chat with Rachael Hip-Flores (Vivian) would be a great way to kick things off. The Web-a-Thon starts today at 4:00pm EST at www.AnyoneButMeSeries.com but you can check out my chat with Rachael right now!

Rachael, what is this show for you?

Rachael Hip-Flores: “Anyone But Me” is pretty much the best thing that can happen to an actor. Not only am I working with extremely talented and dedicated people on a regular basis, but I also get to do work that actually means something to a lot of people. For me, it’s a cross between a ton of fun when we’re on set filming (and, of course, the promotional stuff like the Web-a-Thon) and this sort of beautiful sense of…I want to say responsibility, but that’s a too heavy a word…it’s a strange sort of security, knowing that you’re doing something that matters. To be honest, I’m not sure I ever expected that feeling from a career in acting, but I’m certainly thankful that it’s happened!

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Webseries “Anyone But Me” To Throw Web-a-Thon To Fund Season 3

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the web series has opened up the playing field for the often ignored creative masses to realize their dreams of producing content they want to create and speak for the audience’s whose voices are rarely heard. Now is the time to stand up, take creativity into your own hands and build it yourself.

That’s exactly what Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward creators of the teen webseries “Anyone But Me” have done and are continuing to do by debuting a Web-a-Thon to fund Season 3 of their series. Seasons 1 and 2 of the award winning (Webby Honoree, People’s Silver Telly winner, and Streamy Award winning web series) fan favorite were funded by a private investor but Susan and Tina felt it was time to find other means to finance the show. A subscription model was in the running but in the end they decided on taking it to the fans by throwing a Web-a-Thon, a donation program unlike any other.

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INTERVIEW: Crystal Chappell Talks Venice the Series


It was shortly after the cancellation of Guiding Light that actress Crystal Chappell decided it was time to creatively take matters into her own hands. What better time to start your own production company to produce your own material where you’ve got total control and the artistic freedom to tell a story in the fashion you believe it should be told. No studio’s wrapping you up in contracts or red tape, no producers tying your hands behind your back censoring your creative vision.

So Tiffany, you ask, in what strange universe could a project like that stand a chance of actually coming to fruition? Why the internet of course! The business savvy Chappell realized that the time was now so she called up longtime friend and writer Kim Turrisi and through a mutual friend contacted producer Hope Royaltey to create their very own production company, OPEN BOOK PRODUCTIONS, so they could tell the type of stories that were passionate to them on their own terms and thus Venice the Series was born!

Recently I had the chance to chat with Crystal to discuss her newest adventure as co-creator, executive producer and future director of Venice the Series due to hit the web November of this year. Unfortunately for me the new online recording service I used decided it would be fun for me if they deleted the interview. By the grace of God, a full day of me huddled in the fetal position crying and one very generous publicist (thank you Leslie), Crystal Chappell graciously agreed to an email interview. There’s a reason why her fans refer to her as a Goddess!

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