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Djimon Housou Moves To Wayward Pines!

Djimon Hounsou will be joining Jason Patric in season two of FOX’s summer hit Wayward Pines. In this very, very, very post-apocalyptic world, Wayward Pines is the last toehold of humanity on the planet. Hounsou will play C.J. Mitchum, an original inhabitant of Wayward Pines, and the town’s historian. For further details, follow the jump. […]

Temper, Temper Teaser: Wayward Pines!

In the season finale of Wayward Pines (FOX, Thursday, 9/8C), things are going really, really badly, really, really quickly. David Pilcher (Toby Jones) has decided that if the townspeople aren’t willing to do things his (megalomaniaical) way, then he’ll just kill them all off and start again. Check out a teaser/featurette for the season finale, […]

Wayward Pines – Good Weird Fun!

While on assignment to find two fellow Secret Service agents who have gone missing, Special Agent Ethan Burke wakes up in a forest of pine trees. He stumbles into the lovely town of Wayward Pines shortly thereafter. Then things go terribly awry. From the Lost-ian opening shot to the Twin Peaks-like mountain town to echoes […]