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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection Reviewed by Michelle!

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection

One of the cool things about Windows is the fact that there are so many choices. On the Mac, video editors really only have a couple of choices – Final Cut/iMovie or Adobe’s Premiere Products. On the PC side there are numerous Video Applications, one of the lesser known ones is from the makers of the industry leading Avid Video Editing System. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection a consumer level video and photo editing solution for Windows. iMovie has always bugged me because it kind of forces you to edit the way Apple wants you to. The fact that I’m forced to always have clips on my small Macbook hard drive, drives me a little nuts. I understand iMovie is a free consumer level product that comes with Macs, but really, I’d rather pay the extra $100 to get a real video editing solution like this.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 – Review


If you are looking for a solid, easy to use and cheap video editing application look no further than Adobe Premiere Elements. This product has come a long way from it’s first release a few years ago. It’s stable and pretty fast. A few weeks ago I complained about the interface in Photoshop Elements. Adobe uses the same interface in Premiere but somehow it works much better; maybe because I spent more time with Photoshop, or it’s because the workflow feels more logical to me in a video world than a photo one.It’s pretty simple and straight forward to create a project. You start by creating a project directory and dropping your video and the related files into it. The interface is so slick and simple that it becomes pretty self evident what to do. Continue reading Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 – Review

VideoSpin a neat little Video Editing App for you YouTubers


Pinnacle Systems, Inc., the consumer division of Avid Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID), today announced that free downloads of its VideoSpin™ video editing and sharing application are available now from www.videospin.com, two weeks earlier than planned. With the new VideoSpin application, consumers can quickly create entertaining videos and post them on the Web or email them to friends and family. The early launch will be welcomed by novice and experienced consumers who are anxious to share their holiday videos and photos as well as fans of online video-sharing sites, and the millions of people with digital videos and photos accumulating on their PCs.

Pinnacle Systems developed VideoSpin by leveraging the editing engine of its award-winning Pinnacle Studio® software and making the editing process virtually foolproof. A compelling solution for people who don’t want to spend much time turning video clips into movies, VideoSpin users can create entertaining videos in minutes simply by:

    • Dragging and dropping their videos, photos and music from their PC’s hard drive onto the VideoSpin timeline
    • Adding a few transitions and titles, if they wish
    • Previewing the changes
    • Clicking on the “Make Movie” button.

More than a video editing solution, the VideoSpin application also makes it amazingly easy to upload videos directly to popular Web sites like YouTube™ or Yahoo! Video™.
VideoSpin users and consumers who want more information can access a complete, interactive tutorial on how VideoSpin makes it fast, easy and fun to create movies at www.videospin.com. The tutorial guides users through every step of the movie-making process and makes using the VideoSpin album, timeline and preview components exceptionally easy to understand.