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Goliath Trailer: Monsters: Dark Continent!

Monsters 2

It’s been ten years since the aliens of Gareth Edwards’ Monsters came to Earth. The ‘Infected Zone’ is now global. In the Middle East a new insurgency is complicated by the rapid increase of Monsters. A unit goes missing and a unit with four new recruits is dispatched to find them and bring them back.

This is the setting for Monsters: Dark Continent – the sequel to the movie Edwards shot for next to nothing; the movie that garnered him the assignment to reboot Godzilla. Edwards, who is busy on his Star Wars movie, is executive producer on Monsters: Dark Continent and direction is being handled by Tom Green – best known for his work on the British TV series Misfits. An American release date has not yet been set but we have the new trailer for you to check out just after the jump.

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Monsters – A Unique Cinematic Experience!

The trailers for Monsters suggest that it’s a fast-paced monster movie. It’s not – but that’s not a bad thing. Instead, it’s an intimate character driven film that combines elements of The African Queen and Godzilla – not the usual monster film by a longshot. And, oh, yeah, it was made for a mere half-million dollars.

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