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Producer Hope Royaltey Launches The P@ssionate and The Privileged — An Original Series On Twitter

Today’s an exciting day because we are about to witness the birth of an original series on Twitter. That’s right folks, today The P@ssionate and The Privileged Twitter series goes live! Ok, so today the WEBSITE goes live and the show premieres in two weeks on Tuesday March 8th at 3pm EST but still that’s very exciting and this highly anticipated show is one step closer to a reality! As far as I know, this is one of the first if not the first scripted drama on Twitter and I for one am excited to see what happens.

In typical soapy fashion there’s a love triangle…actually there are several love triangles, family secrets, murder, intrigue, sex, lies, money and of course passion…LOTS of passion! It wouldn’t be much of a soap without sexy love stories and The P@ssionate and The Privileged has something for everyone.

The shows website (http://www.pandptheshow.com) launches today but season one, episode one premiere’s Tuesday, March 8th at 3pm EST with Episode two taking place just a couple days later on Thursday, March 10 at 3pm EST. That’s right it’s on twice a week and each episode lasts one hour. Another little treat to keep your fix going during the rest of the week is character interaction. During the week when the show is not on, you as the viewer will have the chance to talk directly to the characters. That’s right I said characters, not cast so please keep that in mind. Also, the actors behind the characters will not be revealed right away so expect your favorites from daytime soaps, television, film and Broadway to make an appearance. You might even find a few friends from Twitter voicing a character, you just never know!

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Former ‘Venice’ Director Hope Royaltey Brings Soapy Drama to Twitter with The P@ssionate & The Privileged

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Hope Royaltey, season one Executive Producer/Director of the web series Venice, to discuss her exciting new online ventures FlagshipTV, an audience driven online interactive network, and The P@ssionate & The Privileged, the first (to my knowledge) Twitter based Soap Opera. It’s full of your favorite soapy elements with plenty of high society family drama, steamy love scenes and of course the ever present secrets and lies. Surprisingly enough, the one big difference between a Twitter soap and aTV soap is the lack of limitations. The rules are out the door so be prepared for anything and everything including steamy loves scenes from both the straight couples as well as the gay and lesbian couples. This show is kickin’ open the doors to a thrill-ride meant for everyone!

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INTERVIEW: Jen Foster Breaks Out with Venice Beach on Venice the Series


Singer, songwriter, all around music maven Jen Foster thought she was simply submitting her song “Venice Beach” to the website of an up-and-coming web series discovered by some of her fans. Little did she know how this seemingly small action would set into motion an explosion of excitement, exposure, blown up servers and an even broader fan base. Of course I’m talking about the highly anticipated web series from Soap star Crystal Chappell, Venice the Series [Launching Friday, December 4th 8pm PST].

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jen recently to discuss her latest album Thirty-Nine as well as the overwhelming success of the updated version of he song “Venice Beach” featured in the promo for Venice the Series. Jen was an absolute delight and has agreed to give away some cool swag so please, fans of Jen Foster, be sure to check the end of this interview for contest details.

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INTERVIEW: One Crazy Ride with the Creative Team Behind Venice the Series


Venice the Series debuts on the web sometime in November this year but is already one of the most highly anticipated interactive projects to hit the online entertainment industry. So when I got the chance to chat with Kim Turrisi and Hope Royaltey, two of three creative minds behind Crystal Chappell’s new web series Venice, I jumped at the chance. You know that saying be careful what you wish for because you just might get it? Well I had no idea what I was getting myself into but most definitely enjoyed the ride!

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INTERVIEW: Crystal Chappell Talks Venice the Series


It was shortly after the cancellation of Guiding Light that actress Crystal Chappell decided it was time to creatively take matters into her own hands. What better time to start your own production company to produce your own material where you’ve got total control and the artistic freedom to tell a story in the fashion you believe it should be told. No studio’s wrapping you up in contracts or red tape, no producers tying your hands behind your back censoring your creative vision.

So Tiffany, you ask, in what strange universe could a project like that stand a chance of actually coming to fruition? Why the internet of course! The business savvy Chappell realized that the time was now so she called up longtime friend and writer Kim Turrisi and through a mutual friend contacted producer Hope Royaltey to create their very own production company, OPEN BOOK PRODUCTIONS, so they could tell the type of stories that were passionate to them on their own terms and thus Venice the Series was born!

Recently I had the chance to chat with Crystal to discuss her newest adventure as co-creator, executive producer and future director of Venice the Series due to hit the web November of this year. Unfortunately for me the new online recording service I used decided it would be fun for me if they deleted the interview. By the grace of God, a full day of me huddled in the fetal position crying and one very generous publicist (thank you Leslie), Crystal Chappell graciously agreed to an email interview. There’s a reason why her fans refer to her as a Goddess!

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TELEVISION: Crystal Chappell to Star in Venice


Crystal Chappell is on fire these days. Yes, its true that her role of Olivia Spencer is coming to and end when the beloved soap Guiding Light concludes in September. But that’s not the end for one Ms. Crystal Chappell. Touted as the most talented actress in daytime, a title I happen to agree with, is also one of the busiest. In the last week she reprised her role on NBC’s Days of Our Lives as Dr. Carly Manning and from what Chappell has tweeted herself, filming is going really well. She says, “Really loving this Carly. She’s got some fire!” Along with husband Michael Sabatino and Louise Sorel who also return to Salem, this trio’s reunion should make for some highly entertaining soap drama. Personally, I’m foaming at the mouth with anticipation!

But wait, there’s more! Reprising the role that made her famous is just the beginning. Chappell has also taken on a new role, several new roles actually. This is a woman wearing many hats these days (luckily she looks good wearing a hat) with her new highly anticipated project Venice, a web series that she and writing partner Kim Turrisi and producer Hope Royaltey have created which is scheduled to debut later this year.

Not only is Crystal producing Venice but as of yesterday’s big announcement, she is now starring in it as well. Taking on the role of lesbian designer Gina, Chappell leads an impressive cast of characters. She’s recruited several of her soap star buddies including her current on screen partner in crime Jessica Leccia as Ani, a potential love interest for Gina; long time friend and One Life to Life alum Hillary B. Smith as Gina’s eccentric aunt Goya and throw in a couple Billy Lewis’ err I mean Jordan Clarke and Daniel Cosgrove (GL’s Billy and Bill Lewis) as Gina’s dad and brother and you’ve got an all-star line up of actors to launch a series. That’s not all! Also recently announced is the addition of former L Word bad girl Elizabeth Keener as Lara. Yes, I said Elizabeth Keener! Loved you as Dawn Denbo…just sayin’.

Venice isn’t set to launch until later in the year but currently you can follow along on Twitter @VeniceTheSeries or the web site www.venicetheseries.com and take a stab at the ridiculously difficult clues Hope is notorious for creating when debuting a new feature to the site. They recently had a logo contest asking fans to submit their design ideas for the sites logo and are currently taking music submissions for original music to be featured in the show. This is a highly interactive project. It’s also the beginning of how we are going to see more and more entertainment projects produced. It’s less expensive, it’s highly accessible to audiences and you come away with a more well-rounded experience. When it’s all said and done, Crystal Chappell just may go down not only as a key player in one of the most beloved couples in daytime, breaking new ground for same sex couples by bringing grace and love and respect to a community that is so lacking but also as a leader in new media, someone with the vision and quite frankly the balls to take that leap of faith with this ever evolving technology.