TELEVISION: Crystal Chappell to Star in Venice


Crystal Chappell is on fire these days. Yes, its true that her role of Olivia Spencer is coming to and end when the beloved soap Guiding Light concludes in September. But that’s not the end for one Ms. Crystal Chappell. Touted as the most talented actress in daytime, a title I happen to agree with, is also one of the busiest. In the last week she reprised her role on NBC’s Days of Our Lives as Dr. Carly Manning and from what Chappell has tweeted herself, filming is going really well. She says, “Really loving this Carly. She’s got some fire!” Along with husband Michael Sabatino and Louise Sorel who also return to Salem, this trio’s reunion should make for some highly entertaining soap drama. Personally, I’m foaming at the mouth with anticipation!

But wait, there’s more! Reprising the role that made her famous is just the beginning. Chappell has also taken on a new role, several new roles actually. This is a woman wearing many hats these days (luckily she looks good wearing a hat) with her new highly anticipated project Venice, a web series that she and writing partner Kim Turrisi and producer Hope Royaltey have created which is scheduled to debut later this year.

Not only is Crystal producing Venice but as of yesterday’s big announcement, she is now starring in it as well. Taking on the role of lesbian designer Gina, Chappell leads an impressive cast of characters. She’s recruited several of her soap star buddies including her current on screen partner in crime Jessica Leccia as Ani, a potential love interest for Gina; long time friend and One Life to Life alum Hillary B. Smith as Gina’s eccentric aunt Goya and throw in a couple Billy Lewis’ err I mean Jordan Clarke and Daniel Cosgrove (GL’s Billy and Bill Lewis) as Gina’s dad and brother and you’ve got an all-star line up of actors to launch a series. That’s not all! Also recently announced is the addition of former L Word bad girl Elizabeth Keener as Lara. Yes, I said Elizabeth Keener! Loved you as Dawn Denbo…just sayin’.

Venice isn’t set to launch until later in the year but currently you can follow along on Twitter @VeniceTheSeries or the web site and take a stab at the ridiculously difficult clues Hope is notorious for creating when debuting a new feature to the site. They recently had a logo contest asking fans to submit their design ideas for the sites logo and are currently taking music submissions for original music to be featured in the show. This is a highly interactive project. It’s also the beginning of how we are going to see more and more entertainment projects produced. It’s less expensive, it’s highly accessible to audiences and you come away with a more well-rounded experience. When it’s all said and done, Crystal Chappell just may go down not only as a key player in one of the most beloved couples in daytime, breaking new ground for same sex couples by bringing grace and love and respect to a community that is so lacking but also as a leader in new media, someone with the vision and quite frankly the balls to take that leap of faith with this ever evolving technology.

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  1. Thanks for this article. It's takes visionary people like Crystal, Kim and Hope, not to mention many others, to forge ahead into the future of a new platform of delivery and production. When an actress is willing to put it all on the line for a project it's inspiring. Kudos to all of them.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Thank you Tiffany for the nice article. I agree with Destini's comment that Crystal, KIm and Hope are indeed visionaries and very savvy. It is wonderful how they involve the fans with Venice and really make it Team Venice.

  3. Thanks for the article, as well as putting "wearing a hat" in bold. LOL To Crystal, Kimmy and Hope thank you for taking us along for the ride and doing something necessary while making it obviously amazing. *squee*

  4. How many ways can a person say thank you? Networks have censored LGBT story lines for too long. To see actors and writers so invested in making a positive statement is beyond wonderful. Thanks to Crystal, Kim , Hope and all the cast for stepping up and doing something for those of us who can't be heard. Crystal, you are such an amazing woman and I appreciate your dedication to the fans and for wanting to keep it real. Our support for you is endless.

  5. There is not enough words to describe how all this woman's work have touched the hearts of many people, including mine.
    We, are proud to have people like her and her team, to represent and make us feel, that our voice is being heard.
    People like her, makes it worth to fight and show the world it is OK to LOVE, no matter who you fall in love with.
    Great article! Thank you.

  6. Great article as always, Tiffany… Loved the part about the interactivity of this new project. It's such a great way to get fans involved and interested. Shows should learn from this tactic. Can't wait to see what treats Venice has in store for us, and I'm particularly excited to see Jessica and Crystal working together again.

  7. Can't wait for Venice.. Web series are so the future of entertainment.. get the big corporations out of art and creative control and give it to those with talent…! We will pay to seee real entertainment!

  8. I am so looking forward to seeing this new web series. Its so great to feel involved with the creative process and to find people who want to listen to their fans a breath of fresh air .The future of soaps and Tv in general is going to become internet based its exciting to be on the cusp of the next step of media evolution.

  9. Can tell from your article, Tiffany, that you totally get the electricity that Crystal Chappell is generating….Thank you for highlighting Crystal in such a positive light… she is so deserving as well as all of her partners and colleagues . I love these gutsy, fire-eating, plucky, venturesome women…I will follow them anywhere and take all my friends with me… Thanks for the article.

  10. With each new annoucement I can get more and more excitied for Venice The Series….outstanding talent will create an outstanding series. Is it November yet?

  11. I'm so impressed with Crystal's drive and enthusiam, not just for this project which is groundbreaking and significant, but for everything she does in life. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

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