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Hollywood Insider: Supernatural Behind the Scenes: Traci Dinwiddie on Lazarus Rising

Supernatural season 4, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester: two monster hunting, demon fighting brothers, has been an exciting thrill ride so far, starting with the season premiere episode, Lazarus Rising. Lazarus Rising introduced viewers/fans to the character of Pamela Barnes, described by series recurring character Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) […]

INTERVIEW: Traci Takes on Supernatural- An Exclusive Interview with Traci Dinwiddie

“Whether she’s flirting with the boys or conjuring spirits, she works it unapologetically, with the bold fierceness of a total rocker chick!” That was Traci Dinwiddie’s response to my question about what drew her to playing the role of psychic Pamela Barnes in the Supernatural season 4 opener ‘Lazarus Rising’ which will be airing on […]