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The Darkest Hour is not a Bad on Blu-ray, Michelle’s Review!

Darkest Hour Blu-ray Review

How do you create an alien invasion movie on a minimal budget? Easy, make them invisible. That’s the basic premise behind Director Chris Gorak the Darkest Hour.  Is it me or is using camouflage shields cheating? I mean come on, if you are going to invade us, do it straight up.
The movie works well as a low budget, sci-fi survival story. There are some interesting ideas here that are executed fairly well. Emile Hirsch is one of those actors that I would like to see more of.  He was fantastic in the unfairly maligned, Speed Racer. He received great review for Into The Wild and Milk, he seemed hot,
then he just disappeared for awhile. He does a fine job in this as the optimistic go to guy for a ragtag group of survivors. Where this movie made its mistake is releasing it on the big screen first. It sets a different expectation level for what a sci-fi movie should be.

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