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Sorry to Bother You: Unapologetically Poignant

Detroit (Tessa Thompson, L), and Cassius (Lakeith Stanfeld) attend a worker walkout in SORRY TO BOTHER YOU

Sorry to Bother You is the story of Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfeld). Green knows three things: he’s broke, he’s in love with Detroit (Tessa Thompson), and he desperately wants the means to provide for her. Green falls into a job as a telemarketer, where he struggles at first, but then a mentor-like figure (Danny Glover) gives him the ultimate tip—Green should use his white voice (dub-over by David Cross) to close sales over the phone. This new tactic propels Green into the status of overnight phenom and begins getting the love from management for the amount of money he’s raking in. Continue reading Sorry to Bother You: Unapologetically Poignant