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Never Tell Me the Odds: Spider-Man in Marvel Films, Iron Man 4, Sherlock Holmes 3, HD Version of Star Wars

162 - FI

With New York Comic-Con in full swing, and Robert Downey, Jr. hitting the interview circuit, many rumors have been percolating regarding some beloved franchises. On this episode of GeekScholars Movie News, the crew plays “Never Tell Me the Odds”. Hit the jump to find out which topics the hosts and debate the probability of happening.

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Marvel’s The Avengers Shatters Box Office

Marvel's The Avengers Break Box Office Records

I went to see Marvel’s Avengers for a 2nd time on Saturday (this time in 2D) and the parking lot was packed, every show in almost every theater near my house is sold out until Tuesday. I haven’t seen this kind of opening weekend in years. Not even The Dark Knight – that movie had a huge opening but word of mouth is why that movie broke records.  The Avengers made $200.3 million clams this weekend in US Box Office and over $641 Million worldwide.  It will be real interesting to see if it gets a lot of repeat business.  I’m still upset that people are going to want to read The Avengers comics this summer and they have that stupid Avengers Vs. X-Men event going on. Check out Disney’s Official Press Release.

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Marvel’s The Avengers, the first truly Great Movie of 2012! Michelle’s Review

Marvel's The Avengers Movie Review

As a long time Comic Book collector, I’ve always been more of a Marvel Fangirl than a DC one.  I own the entire run of Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain America, FF and Iron-Man books published between 1981 and 1990.  Never bought X-Men, too expensive and unwieldy.  This is why I have a reputation for being a lot more critical when it comes to my Marvel movies. I have a “vested” interest in seeing these characters done right. Note – My goal here is to do a spoiler free review, I may do a 2nd spoilerrific one after I watch it again in 2D.

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