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Ben Affleck as Batman, Cranston as Luthor, Episode VII Details, Marvel Casting Rumors, The Mortal Instruments Reviewed

It’s possible…just possible, you may have heard the news that Ben Affleck will be our next cinematic Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel film. Now that some time has passed since the announcement, this week’s GeekScholars Movie News podcast opens with some perspective on the casting decision, and an analysis of the strong reactions that followed it. From there, […]

June 2013 Preview, Timecop Reboot, Chilean Miner Movie, Preview Review for We’re the Millers, Epic and Fast & Furious 6 Reviewed

It’s an absolutely jam-packed episode for this week’s GeekScholars Movie News podcast, as the hosts dive into their box office preview for June 2013! Specifically, the crew discusses which major releases they are most excited about (and which ones they’ll be skipping), as well as their predictions for how well each movie will fare with […]