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New Frozen Adventure To Run With Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Coco!

The Frozen story will continue in the form of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – a short that will accompany Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Coco on November 22nd.

It’s the first holiday season since the gates reopened and Anna and Elsa realize that their family has never been able to establish a holiday tradition – so Olaf sets out to research holiday traditions and create one for them.

The trailer follows.

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Victor Garber Almost Saves You Again!


Marni Olive Olsen [the middle name is critically important] takes a few days off from the prestigious PR firm where she’s just been made a VP in order to attend her brother’s wedding. When she gets home, she discovers his fiancée is the head cheerleader who made her life a living hell in high school. Hilarity was intended to ensue.

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Reviewing Forgetting Sarah Marshall In 300 Words or Less


Forgetting Sarah Marshall is doomed to be remembered as “that naked break-up movie” though it’s considerably more. For one thing, the naked break-up is a simultaneously funny and poignant scene and Jason Segel’s performance as Peter [the breakee] is staggeringly vulnerable. For another, that vulnerability continues to come into play when Peter tries to get away from it all at the same Hawaiian resort where Sarah [Kristin Bell] is staying with her rock god boyfriend. In turn, Peter’s heartbreak is tempered by Rachel [Mila Kunis], a pretty, intelligent hotel employee who has also had a miserable heartbreak.

Segel‘s script meanders a bit, but those wanderings lead to emotional payoffs that make sense – especially when news that the TV series that stars Sarah, and for which he composes the “dark, ominous tones,” has been cancelled. A comment from Rachel leads Peter to finish his dream project [a rock opera for puppets – about Dracula and his search for True Love], while Aldous’ [the rock god, played by Russell Brand] behavior has Sarah rethinking leaving Peter.

Director Nicholas Stoller keeps the wandering script focused and gets terrific performances from his entire cast. Check out supporting work by the reliable Paul Rudd [as a goofy surfing guru] and Jonah Hill as Aldous’ number one fan. Stoller understands the necessity for an extra beat in a quiet moment and how to set up a gag without being obvious. As a result, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of the best films to come out of the Judd Apatow crude-with-a-heart comedy factory. I may not have laughed as often as the lady behind me, but I did laugh and smile and chuckle enough to recommend Forgetting Sarah Marshall as more than your daily recommended dose of fun.

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