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Michelle Bought The iPad

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I wrote a post yesterday about the iPad Preorder and how I was on the fence about it. I went ahead and purchased the 64 Gig Wi-Fi version. I wish I could have purchased it from Amazon.com, the Apple store charged me $44 in Taxes. The reason I purchased it is, at the end of the day I am a tech blogger so I do like to have everything and I think I will end up using it a lot once I get used to it.  I’m going to put the iPhone Kindle App on this thing and use it as a new Kindle. Other than that I’ll find some Comic Book reading software and transfer some of my comic book scans over. It’s the perfect device for Digital Comics.

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Ipad Preorders Today and Michelle is Undecided! Leaning towards 64 Gig WiFi Only Model.

Normally I don’t like posting every little thing about Apple – ooh, there’s a new 30 second commercial! Wow! Let’s do 40 posts about it. I admit that everyone hating on the iPad – with good reason, makes me want to get one. I think most iPhone games are terrible, so I don’t see myself walking around playing games on this oversize screen. If I use it in bed like Steve Jobs want, why would I play a game on this device when I own a Wii, 360, and PS3?

I love my Kindle, I’d just like something a bit bigger, with a back light. I can put the iPod Kindle App on this and run it as a Kindle device. It’ll also be cool to read comic books on this thing once I find a hack that will let me put all my Comic Book scans onto it. Now that I have a use case for it, the price is ridiculous for a device that would only be useful as an eReader. I love my Kindle, I’d just like something a bit bigger, with a backlight.

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The straight talk Apple iPad Roundup, Michelle’s Take

The Jesus Pad has landed and as predicted it’s the only thing people can talk about. Some of the early rumors were correct; actually a lot of the rumors were correct it is going to be called the “iPad,” really Apple? That is the best you can do for a name? How about “jPad” or “sPad?” The iPad will feature a 9.7 screen that’s capable of 1280 by 780 displays that will rotate just like the iPhone. In terms of looks, it’s pretty much exactly what everyone suspected, it’s a gigantic iPod Touch. Look at Steve Job’s tiny hands as he holds this big ass iPad, reminds me of the Burger King commercial.

Apple is claiming the battery will last an impressive 10 hours of active use even if you are watching video and up to 30 days in standby mode. The iPad will weigh approximately 1.5 pounds and doesn’t include Multi-tasking, no flash support and no camera.

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