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Jurassic Park 4 Gets a Director, Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarted, New Sandler/ Barrymore Rom Com, Preview Reviews for The Hangover Part 3 and Kick-Ass 2

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This week’s episode of the GeekScholars Movie News podcast kicks off by covering the big headlines, particularly Colin Treverrow directing Jurassic Park 4, and the Veronica Mars movie being completely fan-funded thanks to Kickstarter, but each topic dives into some deeper issues and discussion.

Does the Jurassic Park franchise have any place left to go? Is it a good idea to hand over such a big franchise to a relatively untested director? And in terms of Veronica Mars— is budget outsourcing from fans the new paradigm? What are the pros and cons of that?

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Eclipse Magazine presents the GeekScholars Movie News Podcast – Hangover 3, The Wolverine, Daredevil; Previews for Seven Pyschopaths, The Last Stand, Bullet to the Head; The Expendables 2 Reviewed

GeekScholars Movie NewsWelcome to the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the GeekScholars Movie News Podcast!!!! This week’s episodes’ headlines include some new tidbits about The Hangover Part 3, The Wolverine, The Expendables 3, a Daredevil reboot and more!

From there, we take a look at the first trailers for Seven Psychopaths, Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand, and Stallone’s Bullet to the Head. And that’s all perfect, because we round out the show hearing from GeekScholars Fox and Jill with their thoughts on the 80?s throwback action film The Expendables 2.

As always, we close out the show looking ahead to next weekend’s box office. Enjoy!

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