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Dark Horse Resurrects Ghost As Video Game!

Ghost 2

Once upon a time, Dark Horse Comics built an intriguing superhero universe based on the concept that its cities got the superheroes they deserved – thus the dark, corrupt Arcadia had the dark, scarred X busting crime, while the nigh-unto-utopian Golden City had Grace, an All-American Girl with Superman-like abilities.

Which brings us to the news that Ghost – one of that universe’s most popular characters – is getting a revival as a video game from Gamers Digital. It should be in stories in early 2012.

The title character is the literal ghost of a murdered journalist named Elisa Cameron – a supernatural being who had to solve her own murder. The title, originally written by Eric Luke – and illustrated by a number of artists – ran, intermittently from 1995-2004.

Given the nature of the character – and the book’s combination of supernatural and mystery elements – it’s a wonder that Ghost hasn’t been developed as a video game already.  Follow the jump to read the press release and check out a screenshot from the game – which should be in stores in early 2012.

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