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Eddie Jackson: From the Gridiron to the Heat of the Kitchen

On this edition of EMExclusives, Halloween is a little over a month away and that means costumes, parties and sweet treats in the forms of candy & more. Halloween Wars is back for season 11, and the search is on for twenty-four brave and supremely talented competitors who can handle challenges from the mind of paranormal investigator Zak Bagans.

Here to talk with me about this show is a culinary master who is a former football player that played for four teams during his time in the NFL including a stint with the Washington Football Team. He got his culinary start in the TV world by first being one of the contestants on MasterChef. Later, he went on to greater fame by winning the eleventh season of Food Network Star in 2015. Since his win, he went on to host numerous shows including BBQ Blitz, Kids BBQ Championship and Christmas Cookie Challenge. He was a team captain in BBQ Brawl earlier in the year. He now serves as one of the judges in this season’s Halloween Wars. 

Let’s give a scary warm welcome to Eddie Jackson!

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‘Discover Food Network’ Channel Launching on Snapchat


Iconic snack brand RITZ Crackers joins as first advertising partner 

NEW YORK – January 27, 2015 –  Food Network is launching a new global service on social messaging app Snapchat, enabling users to experience a trusted and authentic daily selection of curated food-centric mobile content. Designed specifically to appeal to Snapchat’s core audience of social media-savvy millennials, the Discover Food Network channel on Snapchat provides a fun way for users to explore high quality food-related content on their smart phones. The service, which launches today, will be available to Snapchat’s millions of dedicated users around the world.

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INTERVIEW: Melissa d’Arabian, Winner of The Next Food Network Star


Recently I had the opportunity to be one of a group of media bloggers taking part in a teleconference Q&A session with Melissa d’Arabian, the winner of this seasons The Next Food Network Star. We talked with Melissa about the riggers of competition, having an Iron Chef as a judge and what she’ll bring to the table with her new show $10 Dinners airing Sundays at 12:30pm/11:30c on The Food Network.

Melissa d’Arabian: As you can imagine I am thrilled to be The Next Food Network Star and the fact that Jeffrey (Jeffrey Saad) is such a stand up guy and a fabulous chef made the whole process that much more fun and all of that much more of an honor to be in the finale with him and I’m just thrilled for the next steps. I’m ready to work!

Sunday is $10 Dinners, (Melissa’s new show) which I’m so excited about. I, in every episode, make a promise to my viewers to take ten dollars and feed a family of four and not just one dish but a meal. I think your going to be really surprised by some of the ingredients that I use and the recipes that I put together. They are not the run of the mill standard budget recipes and I think you’re gonna like them. I think people who even aren’t on a budget are going to like the show.

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INTERVIEW: Bobby Flay Talks Next Food Network Star


Recently I had a chance to sit down and chat with Iron Chef and Food Network culinary king Bobby Flay to discuss his series The Next Food Network Star which airs Sunday’s at 9pm/9c on the Food Network. kicked off season five of The Next Food Network Star with another crop of ten hopefuls vying for the chance to win their very own show on .

Which one of these finalists can stand the heat long enough to take home the prize? Only time will tell!

EclipseMagazine: Once people get to the competition on air, what is the process to actually get to that point, what hoops do they have to jump through to even make it to become a contestant on the show?

Bobby Flay: They have to send in a disc or a tape and the selection committee at the Food Network take a look at it and if they make that cut then they bring them in to meet them and if they make that cut then they have to cook a little bit in front of them and they narrow it down to ten people. It’s just the process of elimination.

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INTERVIEW: Food Network’s Sandra Lee Launches New Show

Sandra Lee

Food Network star Sandra Lee’s new show, Money Saving Meals, premieres this Sunday, May 10th. I had a chance to chat with Sandra about her current hit series Semi-Homemade and how she’s trying something a little different with her new show, Money Saving Meals. She was also gracious enough to share with me her involvement with the Share Our Strength organization that fights to help feed the over 12 million children in this country that go hungry each and every day.

EclipseMagazine: Sandra, you’re best known for your show Semi-Homemade on the Food Network. Your latest venture, Money Saving Meals, is a new concept. Tell us what Money Saving Meals is all about and how it’s different from Semi-Homemade.

Sandra Lee: When I first did Semi-Homemade, I guess eight years ago now, I wanted to create a brand where the recipes people created would work out. At that time, if you remember eight, nine years ago, Martha Stewart and before her Julia Childs…some of their recipes didn’t work and I thought, “Why is this?” After I went to the Le Cordon Bleu…why is this, I know those recipes work. What I realized was different name brand products have completely different ingredients and components to them and the only way to really ensure that a recipe would turn out is to tell people what name brand you used. Nobody endorsed those recipes, nobody paid to have those recipes created I created them myself and frankly now that I’ve been doing a lot of from scratch recipes…because Money Saving Meals about fifty percent of that show is from scratch, I realized that a Semi-Homemade recipe for the most part is much more involved than from scratch.

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