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Teaser: Twin Peaks 2016!

Welcome to Twin Peaks - 11-06-14

In the series finale  of Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper that she’d see him in twenty-five years. The scene took place in the show’s dream state red room, leaving it open for interpretation, but after the jump you can find a link to a new teaser trailer that shows you it was indeed prophetic.

Twin Peaks is returning to television – on Showtime.

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David Lynch & Mark Frost’s Complete Twin Peaks Comes To Blu-Ray!


David Lynch and Mark Frost created a landmark in television history when they produced Twin Peaks. Moments of staggeringly real emotion in a world that the word surreal is inadequate to describe. The search for Laura Palmer’s murder opened us viewers up to the possibility that television could be a unique experience and laid the groundwork for the great serialized and/or surreal shows that followed – without Twin Peaks there is no X-Files, for example.

Now the entire Twin Peaks story – including Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – is coming to Blu-ray. The set will feature upgraded picture and newly produced and archival special features – including nearly ninety minutes of deleted/alternate scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – all under the personal supervision of David Lynch. Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery will be in stores on July 29th. For more details, check out the press release after the jump.

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Psych Takes On Twin Peaks – Eerie Hijinx Ensue!

Shawn, Gus, Julie & - Alan Zenuk

The mid-season finale of Psych [Wednesday, USA, 10/9C] begins with an e-mail alerting Shawn and Gus to a ‘cinnamon festival’ in the small [so small it’s in parentheses on the computer map they check] town of Dual Spires. The guys immediately set off [they do love their cinnamon] – and find themselves in the strangest little town they’ve ever visited. Then, a plastic-wrapped dead girl turns up. The dead girl is Paula Merral, niece of the owners of The Sawmill Café – and we cut to the opening credits and… Julee Cruise singing an Angelo Badalamenti-like arrangement of the Psych theme.

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