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Burn Notice Exit Interview with Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Donovan, and Matt Nix

The crew of USA Network’s Burn Notice – Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Donovan, and show creator Matt Nix say farewell in a bittersweet “final” conference call with the Press. Last calls are always sort of bittersweet. I’ve been fully down with the Burn Notice crew since the beginning. They’ve always been great to work with, talk to […]

Actor/Producer Jeffrey Donovan On Burn Notice, Michael Westen’s Dark Path and Begging Clint For a Job!

Burn Notice (USA Network, Thursdays, 10/9C) returns tonight with a two-hour premiere and star/producer Jeffrey Donovan spent an hour on Tuesday (on his hiatus!) talking with a groups of journalists/bloggers about his character, Michael Westen’s darker than usual path this season; how he would describe where the Westen/Fiona relationship must, logically go, and he specific […]

Burn Notice: Gabrielle Anwar Dishes on Prison Fi, Doing Stunts and Running In Heels!

The sixth season of Burn Notice (USA Network, Thursdays, 9/8C) finds former IRA weapons expert and current love of Michael Westen’s life, Fiona Glennane behind bars – voluntarily – to free Westen from the dastardly machinations of psychopathic former CIA shrink, Anson Fullerton. Late last week, I took part in a teleconference Q&A with Gabrielle […]