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Burn Notice Exit Interview with Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Donovan, and Matt Nix


The crew of USA Network’s Burn Notice – Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Donovan, and show creator Matt Nix say farewell in a bittersweet “final” conference call with the Press. Last calls are always sort of bittersweet. I’ve been fully down with the Burn Notice crew since the beginning. They’ve always been great to work with, talk to and very generous with their time. We’ve had numerous conference calls with them over the years and visited the set – I still love Gabrielle’s gigantic sheep dog.

This week (Thursday 9/12) is the final episode of Burn Notice ever – and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well. It’s ironic that I asked one of the very first Burn Notice questions during their first conference call (before the show even aired) and now at the end, I get the last question. Yes, most of these are my questions – I’ll post the full 8 page unedited  transcript at some point.

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Actor/Producer Jeffrey Donovan On Burn Notice, Michael Westen’s Dark Path and Begging Clint For a Job!


Burn Notice (USA Network, Thursdays, 10/9C) returns tonight with a two-hour premiere and star/producer Jeffrey Donovan spent an hour on Tuesday (on his hiatus!) talking with a groups of journalists/bloggers about his character, Michael Westen’s darker than usual path this season; how he would describe where the Westen/Fiona relationship must, logically go, and he specific responsibilities as one of the show’s producers (no, it’s definitely not a vanity title!).

UPDATE: Burn Notice has been renewed for a thirteen-episode seventh season!

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Burn Notice: Catching a Ghost Has Consequences!


Every time you think you’ve got Burn Notice (USA Network, Thursdays, 9/8C) figured out, its writers throw a curve – like changing Michael’s status from burned to active; like killing off one of the show’s best recurring villains (RIP Larry); like moving away from the case of the week at unexpected times; like changing up the timing on big event cliffhangers and hitting the core characters with unexpected loss; like this week’s highly irregular summer finale.

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Burn Notice: They Killed (Spoiler)! Series Creator Matt Nix Talks It Out!


On last Thursday’s episode of Burn Notice (USA Network, 10/9C), an event transpired that changes everything for Michael Weston and his family and friends. On Friday, series creator Matt Nix talked with a group of bloggers/journalists about the hows and whys of the event and spoke a bit about the rest of the season.

If you haven’t watched last week’s episode of Burn Notice please do so before clicking through the jump.

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Contest – USA Network Summer Prize Pack!!

Burn Notice DVD Giveaway

Our friends at USA Network recently returned to the EM Family fold, not that they ever really left. But you all know of my love of USA Network Programming. A lot of my favorite shows are on USA Network. Its the home of Burn Notice, Necessary Roughness, Royal Pains, White Collar and more.  Be sure to check out the summer premieres of White Collar and Covert Affairs, Tuesday July 10th, and all of USA Network’s other returning shows.

We have an amazing prize pack to give away.  The Summer Prize pack is valued at $291!  Take a gander at what one lucky winner will get.

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Burn Notice: Gabrielle Anwar Dishes on Prison Fi, Doing Stunts and Running In Heels!

BURN NOTICE -- Pictured: Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne -- USA Network Photo: Justin Stephens

The sixth season of Burn Notice (USA Network, Thursdays, 9/8C) finds former IRA weapons expert and current love of Michael Westen’s life, Fiona Glennane behind bars – voluntarily – to free Westen from the dastardly machinations of psychopathic former CIA shrink, Anson Fullerton.

Late last week, I took part in a teleconference Q&A with Gabrielle Anwar – with a number of other journalists/bloggers – to discuss this season’s unusual developments.

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Burn Notice: Damned If You Do Finds Michael Between A Rock, A Hard Place and Another Rock!


Burn Notice [USA Network, Thursday, 10/9C] creator Matt Nix cranks things up for the series’ mid-season premiere with Michael’s CIA security clearance, a powerful – and selective – computer virus and a kidnapping. And that’s just for starters!

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“Burn Notice” Introduces Digital Interactive Graphic Novel

Fans who can’t get enough of their favorite spy and the accompanying  colorful cast of characters, now have another diversion to devote time to.  USA Network, in partnership with DC Comics, announced its first series of interactive multiplatform comics with a series created to bridge the storylines between seasons four and five of BURN NOTICE.  The comic, entitled  “A New Day”  and written by the creative team behind the show, including series creator Matt Nix, goes beyond the two-dimensional traditional comic by offering enhanced user experiences including interactive games, hidden ciphers, artwork peelaways and more.  Chapter one went live in tandem with the fifth season premiere of BURN NOTICE last Thursday, June 23. Having garnered over 100,000 page views since it launched,  “A New Day”  is available on www.usanetwork.com, Facebook and as a freestanding iOS and Android App on select devices.  The only caveat is that your browser must be updated to the absolute latest in order to view it.  The nine pages of storyboard of each chapter read very quickly providing straight-forward info, but the interactive bits provide for some interesting and fun diversions.

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