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The 200th in the 10th – Bones’ Showrunner Stephen Nathan Talks Milestone!


Doing a conference call Q&A with Bones showrunner Stephen Nathan, solo, still feels a bit odd. Once again, we were talking to him without the show’s creator, Hart Hanson – and Nathan’s riffing partner – present (Hanson, of course, is working away on FOX’s Backstrom – a series he also created).


Other than that, it was business as usual as Nathan talked about FOX’s most durable and dependable series – and the show’s milestone 200th episode.

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FOX Winter Premieres From Backstrom and Glee To Weird Loners and The Following Announced!

Glee S5 Cast - Brian Bowen Smith

FOX has set the dates for its winter premieres for new scripted shows Backstrom (January 22nd), The Last Man On Earth (March 1st) and Weird Loners (March 31st) – and unscripted World’s Funniest Fails (working title) (January 16th).

Returning scripted shows include Glee’s final 13-episode season (two-hour premiere on January 9th), The following (two-hour premiere on March 2n) and Bones (March 26th). Unscripted returnees include Masterchef Junior (January 6th) and Hell’s Kitchen (March 3rd).

For a complete schedule for new and returning FOX shows (day/date/time), follow the jump.

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Mystifying Teaser: Backstrom!


Backstrom, the new series from the creator of FOX’s long-lived Bones, is a procedural that features a despicable, alcoholic, lazy, yet brilliant detective – the Backstrom of the title – played by Rainn Wilson. Yup, he sounds like Gregory House as a cop – but he may be even less functional outside business hours.

Backstrom is coming soon to FOX. Check out the new teaser after the jump.

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World Premiere Screening of Gotham and Wayward Pines Highlight Fox Fanfare 2014 in San Diego!

Fox is holding the world premiere screenings of Gotham and Wayward Pines at Comic-Con 2014! Series stars and executive producers will be taking part in the panels at these events.

Another certain highlight will be the Sleepy Hollow Haunted Bridge and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Experience – and Headless Horsemen will be roaming downtown. Other Fox returnees for Comic-Con 2014 include Bones, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, The Following and The Simpsons.

Comic-Con Exclusives include: 2014 Poster Tubes, Collectible Mini-Posters, Gotham Lenticular Collectibles and autographed copies of Pines, the Blake Crouch novel on which Wandering Pines is based, and more. For further details, follow the jump.

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Fox Sets 2014-15 Premiere Dates!

Will Agent Booth be convicted of murdering ‘innocent FBI Agents?’ Find out when Bones returns on Thursday, September 25th. How do Icabod and Abby get out of (respectively) that box and that dollhouse? Sleepy Hollow will tell us on September 22nd – the same day we see Detective Jim Gordon comfort young Bruce Wayne and promise to capture their killers on the series premiere of Gotham.

Fox’s ‘social experiment,’ Utopia, gets a three-night premiere beginning on Sunday, September 7th and continuing on Tuesday September 9th and Friday, September 12th. Will Utopia’s participants be able to forge a new, utopian society from scratch? Will Bart Simpson and Peter Griffin ever learn? Let the fun begin on Sunday, September 26th when the 26th season of The Simspons premieres – followed by a one-hour Simpsons/Family Guy crossover event and the second season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (speaking of someone who really tries to never learn…).

To find out when your favorite Fox shows return – and your new favorites premiere, follow the jump.

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Bones’ Dynamic Duo Talk Season Finale, The New Squintern and Bad Days!

With two episodes to go in season nine, the stars of Bones (Fox, Mondays, 8/7C) took some time to talk with a group of journalists/bloggers about what lies in store for Bones and Booth. They addressed this week’s introduction of a new squintern – played by Laura Spencer – and a season finale that includes a Congressional hearing and has huge ramifications for everyone.

They also talked about how they keep things fresh after nine seasons and how they deal with bad days. For a short Q&A, it was a lot of fun.

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Fox Moves Bones Finale, Masterchef Premiere!

Fox has rejigged its May Sweeps schedule a bit, moving the Bones finale to Monday, May 19th from the 12th and the Masterchef premiere to May 26th from May 19th. An encore Bones episode will run on Monday, April 28th.

The two-hour premiere of 24: Live Another Day will follow the Bones season finale on May 19th. For the rejigged schedule, check out the press release after the jump.

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Hart and Nathan Celebrate Bones Return To Mondays!


Although tonight’s episode of Bones (Fox, Mondays, 8/7C) doesn’t take up much space in our latest conversation with showrunners Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, they definitely seemed happy to be back on Monday nights (or, maybe, they had one cup of coffee too many…).

When they chatted with a group of bloggers/journalists on Friday, there was a great deal of laughter and a wide range of topics – ranging from Wendell’s cancer to the gross remains that kick off each episode and even Hanson’s new series, Backstrom (premiering on Fox next season). Stephen Nathan even played Kevin Reilly for a completely unauthorized bit faux scheduling. It was one of the liveliest Q&As of the season. If there are showrunners out there who love talking with the press more than these guys, I’ve yet to encounter them.

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Bones Renewed For 10th Season! Moves Back To Mondays!

Fox has given Bones an order for a tenth season. But that’s not all – after this Friday’s episode, The Heiress in the Hill, the series will return to Monday nights with new episodes beginning March 10th (8/7C).

In other scheduling news from Fox: Kitchen Nightmare returns with a new episode on Friday as Gordon ‘I’M LOUDER THAN YOU’ Ramsay returns to Amy’s Baking Company, and the first season finale of Almost Human will run on Monday, March 3rd (8/7C). Check out the press release after the jump.

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Fox Changes Almost Human Premiere to Two-Night Event! Bones Moves! Raising Hope Returns!

Fox has moved Almost Human’s premiere from November 4th to make it a two-night event and goose its potential audience by scheduling its first episode immediately after NFL on Fox on Sunday, November 17th. The series will then premiere in its regular timeslot on Monday, November 18th at 8/7C.

Bones, which usually airs in the 8/7C timeslot on Mondays will move to Fridays on November 15th. Returning half-hour comedy Raising Hope will return for its fourth season premiere airing of two episodes following Bones on the 15th. Follow the jump for the press release – including schedule updates.

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Fox’s Almost Human Gets Extended Preview Tonight During Wedding Episode of Bones!

Fox’s Almost Human – a futuristic cop/buddy series featuring human and android detective partners played by Karl Urban and Michael Ealy – will be previewed in an extended first look during tonight’s much anticipated episode of Bones, The Woman in White, in which FBI Special Agent Booth Seeley and forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (finally) get married.

The Almost Human extended preview will air simultaneously across all of Fox’s digital and social media platforms incluing Hulu, the Fox Now app, FOX.com/AlmostHuman, the official ALMOST HUMAN Facebook page (Facebook.com/AlmostHumanFOX), Twitter (@AlmostHumanFOX) and FOX affiliate websites.

For further details, check out the press release after the jump.

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