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Get Shorty: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Coming in October!

There are about a half-dozen instances (out of several times more) adaptations of Elmore Leonard’s work for film and television that get it right: Justified, Karen Sisco, Maximum Bob, Jackie Brown, Out of Sight and, possibly the best, Get Shorty. Drug-smuggling. Racketeering. Loan sharking. Welcome to Hollywood! Shout! Factory’s Get Shorty: The Collector’s Edition Blu-ray […]

First Look: Amazon’s The Tick!

Amazon’s The Tick, based on the classic Ben Edlund (who executive produces and writes) comics series, looks a bit different from the version that ran on FOX for all of seven episodes (yeah, I’m still ticked off about that…). The new version of the deliverer of Mighty Blue Justice looks different – the new costume […]