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Escape Plan Is Foolproof Escapist Entertainment!


Ray Breslin makes his living by breaking out of prisons – in fact, he write a book about it. When his latest job finds him stuck in an ultra-secure prison based on his own book, he must recruit help from fellow inmate Emil Rottmeyer to get out. With Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the roles, Escape Plan is the highly entertaining result.

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TELEVISION NEWS: Leno Daily Dose, Arnold Schwarzenegger on Prop 8

Since we’re now part of NBC’s little exclusive Digital Network Club, we’re getting a ton of material from them. One of them will be lots of Jay Leno clips. Personally, I hate Leno – and all late night talk shows, but I know a lot of folks do like it, so here’s your daily dose of the Chin. This clip features Arnold Schwarzenegger addressing the Prop 8 ruling