Seeso’s Renews Darkly Dysfunctional Family Sitcom Flowers!


Seeso’s Flowers – a sitcom about the deeply dyfunctional Flowers family – has been renewed. For a preview of what’s to come, read on.


NEW YORK, September 19, 2016 – Seeso today announced that Will Sharpe’s critically-acclaimed series “FLOWERS” will return for its second season with Olivia COLMAN and Julian Barratt, and in association with Channel 4 in the U.K.

“FLOWERS” introduced Seeso viewers to the eccentric Flowers family – Maurice, Deborah and the twins – and was praised for its startling originality and seamless shifts from the profane to the profound in an ostensibly traditional family sitcom setting.

Deborah (Olivia Colman – “Broadchurch,” “THE NIGHT MANAGER”) and Maurice (Julian Barratt – “THE MIGHTY BOOSH”) are looking at a new era of their marriage and whether they can survive the challenges laid bare in series one; Maurice’s suicide attempt, Deborah’s infidelity, their grown-up twins’ inheritance of their parents’ emotional foibles. For series two the Flowers’ twins Donald (Daniel Rigby – “BLACK MIRROR,” “ERIC AND ERNIE”) and Amy (Sophia di Martino – “THE DARKEST UNIVERSE,” “FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER”) – whose arrested development was a major part of series one – are now forging their own futures amongst the fallout of their parent’s complicated love and their own new enterprises. Meanwhile, Shun’s unofficial role as Flowers factotum grows ever more convoluted.

Can they survive the next chapter of romantically and mentally epic challenges in the spiral that promises to plague the generations of the Flowers family?

Will Sharpe, who created, writes, directs, and plays Shun in the show said: “Channel 4, Kudos, Seeso and Naomi de Pear have all been such supportive partners on this show and I’m very excited about working with them on another series of ‘Flowers.’ We are looking forward to spending time with these characters again and are already making plans about how to make the most of this opportunity to see a new chapter in their lives.”

Evan Shapiro, Head of Seeso said: “The Flowers are perhaps the most unique family on TV. It is wonderful to be working with the outrageously talented Will Sharpe, the spectacular cast, and our generous partners to bring them back.”

Naomi de Pear, Executive Producer said: “There’s so much more pain and silliness to mine in the lives of the Flower family. I feel very lucky to be plotting the next era of tragicomedy for this dysfunctional and soulful bunch with the ridiculously poly-talented visionary Will Sharpe. And proud that it will be the first production I make at my new label.”

Diederick Santer, Executive Producer for Kudos said: “We’re so pleased that C4 and Seeso are wanting more of Will’s truly unique show, and can’t wait to make it.”

U.K. Channel 4’s Deputy Head of Comedy Nerys Evans said: “Covering deeply complex issues like fidelity, mental health, sexuality and fraying family bonds, Will Sharpe’s hilariously awkward and heart-breaking show offers another unmissable look at the Flowers’ messed up world. Will’s scripts and the show’s perfect cast are so brilliant at making you wail with laughter one minute, and well up the next. I couldn’t be more excited for the family’s return to Channel 4.”

“FLOWERS” was commissioned by Nerys Evans, Deputy Head of Comedy and Phil Clarke, Acting Head of Drama & Head of Comedy for Channel 4 in association with NBCUniversal’s Digital Enterprises’ comedy streaming platform Seeso (Evan Shapiro, Kelsey Balance and Dan Kerstetter).

Season two will be executive produced by Naomi de Pear within her new label being launched at Sister Pictures and Diederick Santer for Kudos (“UTOPIA,” “BROADCHURCH,” “THE HOUR,” “LIFE ON MARS,” “SPOOKS”) and will film in 2017. The series will be distributed by Endemol Shine International.