Prepping for Comic-Con 2010!

Hello Eclipse Magazine readers! This year for Comic-Con 2010 I am A LOT more excited than last time.  When I attended CC last year, I didn’t have a press pass and so I was enjoying CC by just attending panels, enjoying all the cosplay/costumes, and seeing all the surprises on the showroom floor.  This’ll be my second time attending and this year is going to be whole different experience for me. For one, I get to cover events for Eclipse Magazine….how cool is that? I’ll be attending press events and reviewing a couple of games for you guys. I’m also looking forward to seeing friends I made last year and making some new ones.

All right…lets get right to it and talk  briefly on what I’m going to be covering for EM. First I will be there for preview night and I don’t know what to expect. For the next four days I will be covering press events for the TV shows Burn Notice, Caprica, Sanctuary, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Eureka. I’m looking forward to all these events and think they will be fun. I’m going to be bringing to you an interview with Ray and Richard Taylor who are the founders/co-founders of WETA Digital – Peter Jackson’s Company! They’ve done visual effects for films like District 9, The Lovely Bones, King Kong, Avatar to just name a few. Finally I’ll get to test out some video games: an upcoming PC game called Vindictus, DCUonline (upcoming MMO game), and I’ll visit with Konami and see what they have coming out later.

As you can see EM readers, I’m going to have my hands full but I am looking forward to reporting on my experiences after these upcoming four days are over. Stay tuned this week and next week for reports on Comic-Con 2010!  *I must add this….head over to The writers from that site and I will have a podcast up soon about our pre-comic con thoughts and I believe we’ll be doing one while at Comic-Con was well. Feel free to comment on either site EM/WhargarblTV with your thoughts on Comic-Con and what you’re interested in seeing.