Famous Couples

What famous couples have been your favorite and are you sad that some broke up?

Hmm I liked Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman but now I hate Tom Cruise and Penolope Cruz. He claims that they didn’t break up cause of her but hey isn’t strange how they were so in love just after they are getting a divorce?

I also could not stand Britney and the N’syncer together and TG they broke up! I hope they stay broken up too!

I was sad to hear about Bruce Willis and what’s her name again? Break up just made me sad.

I was happy about Drew and her weirdo ex. Not that I shouldn’t be happy about marraiges breaking up but they were just the odd couple!

Fantastic AdBlocking Software!

I found this awesome Ad Blocking software. It’s called Zero Popup. Very Nice. Doesn’t affect browsing or anything. Only problem is, it’s $19 to buy, although I may purchase it since it’s so useful.

Anyone use any other type of blocking software?

You can get Zero Popup



Some may dictate that the contents of today’s war movies are either too harsh or predictable. But are these war movies still worth seeing? Of course! If war history is taken at its face value, surely the contents will be predictable and harsh. For me, watching Windtalkers is like re-living history, and Director John Woo has done a marvelous job without robbing me of the horrific woe of wars and the important facts that wrap around the unsung story of the Navaho code-talkers. No doubt I was petrified by the visuals, but I can’t pretend that terror is glamorous and that war is glorious. Not when I know it does take a friend to kill a friend in the name of duty!

Director Woo has done a superb job in showing that there’s no romance when it comes to war, especially with the battle at Saipan! Yep, downright nothing in this film to indicate the pretentious sweet smell of success, as far as the inhumanity of war is concerned! This film definitely grabs me cold, and it’s my wake-up call to how vital and relevant the Navaho code had been to us during W.W. II. It sucks me into every scene and makes me feel for every character (and I stress the word “EVERY�!) in it.

The visually graphic scenes of men injured or killed are amazingly real and shocking. Yep, every bit of the cinematographic effects is beyond words of description and the actors’ performances are sheer awesome! Great explosive music scores that are overwhelmingly in sync with the events and moods! Woo has created a masterpiece with everything flowing and meshing together like a powerful composition of jazz music. I was captivated by the strong emotions that are spattered throughout this spectacular movie. This film has not failed to allow the characters to develop phenomenally, despite the over-powering dramatically chaotic action sequences and special effects. Yep, men-at-war don’t necessary loose their human aspects and this film does indeed recognize both their flaws and their virtues. Observing how the men interact is very emotional. This film has a wonderful ensemble of actors who fit well into their roles.

The dialogue in this movie may appear rather banal, at times, to some viewers, but surely, we can’t always assume that all men in battle are graduates from some prestigious colleges. And watching Roger Willie and Christian Slater performing their wood flute-harmonica duets is itself worth the regular price of a movie tix!

What is unique about this film is that neither the bombastic special effects nor the performances of the characters overshadow a strong and crucial message that has to be delivered! Watching this movie is like seeing frame after frame of documented historical characters and events as witnessed by a competent war journalist! I was totally stressed out with keeping myself in balance as I tried to keep count of the survivors.

A MUST-SEE movie for anyone with a strong stomach to watch credible war-terror combats, or for those with faith that good war films and national patriotism are not synonymously related! And this war film does capture the truth on screen as how a code was key to our winning the war. Boy, I came out of the theater, choked with tears and in desperate need for a cup of piping hot cha. But will I see this movie again? DEFINITELY!

Definitely an A+ production!

Favorite Entertainment News and Review Show?

Hey All,

We’re finally going into the studio on EMTV tonight, so the show will look so clean and polished it’s scary. I have three questions for you. What is your favorite Entertainment/Movie News and Review Show and why?

What would you all like to see in an Entertainment News show? In my opinion I think they all take themselves way to serious and are boarderline pompous. I discovered MTV’s Movie House this weekend, and it’s ok, but over produced and seems artificially hip.

Entertainment Forecast with Kyle Osborn is too “low key” and serious for my tastes (although, I like him personally). Hot Ticket I used to like the original format but now with just Leonard Malton and that Joyce person it’s so boring I can barely stay awake while watching it.

Ebert and Roeper, I guess would have to currently be the best one (after EMTV of course).

Search IMDB on EM! And Point Change

Hey All,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I added IMDB Search capabilities to the site this morning. So you can now search the IMDB Database from within EM! To do so, just click the search IMDB link in the navigation menu. And try it out. It’s pretty neato.

And because I’m writing up no less than 4 new exclusive interviews to day including the long awaited Lilo and Stich and my exclusive interviews with Gary Winick and Aaron Stanford I’m going to give you guys incintive to comment on them by uping the points for story comments to 4 points.

Who is Aaron Stanford? He’s only been in Tadpole with Sigourney Weaver, Bebe Newirth, and John Ritter, (Which will most likely be our next screening later this month), but he was also in Hollywood Endings, Spike Lee’s new 25th Hour with Ed Norton, and most importantly he’s flying to Canada next week to begin work on X-Men 2!!!! He’s playing Pyro, and he gave me some good dirt on 25th Hour and X-Men 2.

Gary is the director of Tadpole, and we got into a rollicking debate on the future of DV Films, and he gave me some dirt on Steven Soderburgh’s Full Frontal and other projects. So these interviews are worth reading.

Michelle smells “”Windtalkers””

On December 8, 1941, the United States declared war on Japan. For the next several years, U.S. forces were fully engaged in battle throughout the Pacific, taking over islands one by one in a slow progression towards mainland Japan.

During this brutal campaign, the Japanese were continually able to break coded military transmissions, dramatically slowing U.S. progress. In 1942, several hundred Navajo Americans were recruited as Marines and trained to use their language as code. Marine Joe Enders is assigned to protect Ben Yahzee – a Navajo code talker, the Marines’ new secret weapon. Enders’ orders are to protect his code talker, but if Yahzee should fall into enemy hands, he’s to “”protect the code at all costs.”” Against the backdrop of the horrific Battle of Saipan, when capture is imminent, Enders is forced to make a decision: if he can’t protect his fellow Marine, can he bring himself to kill him to protect the code? (TPS from Yahoo Movies)Windtalkers is not the typical John Woo film, you will not see any white doves flying, slow-mo bullets shooting by you. Which, I found a refreshing change, because to be frank John Woo has been “”boring”” me lately, he hasn’t done anything “”different”” in years. This film is a by the numbers War Flick. What surprised me when I saw this film was how violent and bloody it was. When watching the trailers, you are lead to believe that this is a “”different”” type of war film, a movie that is intellectual and about characters and relationships, along the lines of the excellent “”Hearts War””. Instead we get the bloody, brutal, “”realities”” of war, movie, movie. With the characters playing second bannana to the battle scenes. Nick Cage and the rest of the cast were all uniformly excellent.The film does an adequate job of showing the horrors of war, and you come to actually care about the characters, inspite of some of the shallowness of them. The casting on “”Windtalkers”” was excellent for the first time in long time, we actually have a war film where people actually look different and scruffy. Where they aren’t these “”generic”” hollywood pretty boys with their crew cops playing “”soldiers””. These guys felt and looked real – yeah, I realize its a contradition to say on the one hand they looked and felt real, while saying they were lightweight.My only real quibbles with the film is the unrealistic and pointless “”relationship”” between Enders and the nurse, and the lack of any “”direction”” or “”motivation”” behind the battles. After awhile the battle scenes all started to look the same, and generic, none of them seemed to have an “”objective”” or “”definitive”” goal beyond “”let’s take that hill””. Well after they took 5 or 6 “”hills”” you start throwing up your hands and saying, “”You just took that damn hill. Let’s move on already!””””Windtalkers”” is an “”engaging”” 2 1/2 hour film that is more noise than substance, but somehow it worked for me. Maybe it’s because I saw too many bad and boring movies lately, that I just want to like something, so despite it’s flaws, I enjoyed myself. Final Grade A-

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