New Point System!!!!!

Hey All,

I just implimented this way cool new point system on the site. If you look over to the left hand column you will notice a new box that says “Top EM Members”.

For now on, when we have contests, like our current “The Others DVD” Contest, to qualify to win you must do something on the site. It’s going to be quite diplomatic, the top posters of the week, month, whatever, will now be able to win cool stuff.

The point break down will be this

Submit A News Story or Scoop = 5
Commenting on a story = 2
Submitting a Download = 3
Voting on a Download = 1
Submitting a Weblink = 2
Voting on a link = 1
Posting in Forums = 2
Poll Comments = 1

In order to win “The Others”, the top 7 posters for the next two weeks will win the DVD, the bottom 10 will receive a VHS.

We will be doing the same thing for LOTR DVDs in August as well.